A Moderate Shiite Government in Iraq

The Bush administration is also working on a way to form a coalition of Sunni Arab nations and a moderate Shiite government in Iraq, along with the United States and Europe, to stand against "Iran, Syria and the terrorists," another senior administration official said Tuesday.

from http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/13/world/ middleeast/13saudi.html?ei=5094&en=9 b8923e7095544b1&hp=&ex=116607240 0&partner=homepage&pagewanted=pr int

Where to start?

In the first place, if Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted a moderate Shiite government anywhere on earth, they should have put a ton more troops into southern Lebanon to defeat Hezbollah.  With the passing of that "opportunity", I would say that the whole concept of a moderate Shiite government anywhere on earth has gone by the boards.  Bombing Beirut will probably go down in history as the worst mistake made by a national government in the 21st century.

In the second, where will the troops come from to invade Iran?  The United States?  Israel?  Saudi Arabia?  Britain?  Pakistan?  Sure, Iran can be bombed, but bombing Iran would destabilize Pakistan...wouldn't it?

In the third, the Decider has been presented by the Iraq Study Group with the only remotely conceivable way out of the mess he has created: dialogue with Iran and Syria.  He doesn't have any "options", but he persists in believing that he does.  As long as that goes on, the United States sinks further and further into the morass.

The American People?  Kind of forgotten in all this talk about Saudi Arabi, Israel, Iran, George Bush, etc. etc.  Well, the American People would do themselves a tremendous favor by a double impeachment.  The quickest way out of this is to impeach Bush and then Cheney.  Unprecedented, but called for.  Incredible, but necessary.  Unlikely, but worth praying for.


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Evidence of Conspiracy Respecting Present Gas Prices

When asked about rising gas prices, President Bush invariably answers that the price at the pump is a function of worldwide supply and demand for oil. On April 25, 2006, the White House released a fact sheet about, and 4-part plan to confront, high gasoline prices. It stated, in pertinent part:

It Is Important To Understand Why Gas Prices Are High. The market for oil is global, and America is not the only large consumer. Countries like China and India are consuming more and more oil, so global demand for oil is rising faster than global supply. As a result, oil prices are rising around the world, which leads to higher gas prices in America. America's gasoline demand is projected to increase this summer, and our refining capacity is stretched tight, making it difficult for supply to keep pace with demand.

To a considerable extent, I agree with President Bush. Gas prices are predominantly a function of supply and demand for oil worldwide. Supply and demand does not, however, explain why U.S. gas prices have plummeted 24 cents over the past weeks and over 60 cents since August. Here's what you haven't been told...

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UAE--Not Democratic, Hate Freedom, No Borders

Shouldn't We Bring Democracy To the UAE Before We Let Them Manage Our Ports?

President Bush and some of his supporters are saying that opposition to this sale is racist and anti-Arab. I decided to learn more about the United Arab Emirates. Most of the following was obtained from the websites of the U. S. State Department and the CIA World Fact Book.

The United Arab Emirates is a loosely knit group of seven rulers. They do not have political parties or any form of Democratic government. Each ruler holds power on the basis of their dynastic position in their tribes. Yes--dynasty, tribes. Doesn't sound very American does it? Unless you are Bush.

There are not clear borders between the U. A. E. and its' neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Oman. That sounds pretty unstable. Here is what the CIA site says: "Location and status of boundary with Saudi Arabia is not final, de facto boundary reflects 1974 agreement; no defined boundary with most of Oman, but Administrative Line in far north."  An erratic perimeter in a volatile region. They can't keep their own borders safe. Yet we are handing them the keys to ours.

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Remember Osama?

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City Pages - Bin Laden's Game: "CP: Can you talk about the role that the Iraq war has played in his recruiting successes?

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