"You have thrown us to the wolves"

This diary is about the NorthWest Frontier Province ~ the region between Afghanistan and Pakistan that Sen. Obama identifies as the crucible of terrorism.  He would refocus American energies there.  My diaries are an attempt to shed some light on it's history, with an goal of outlining the difficulty of the current situations.

There was a time when the NWFP had hope.  There was a time when the NWFP was led by a great man.  

His name was Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan.  

He was known as Badshah Khan (or King Khan).

He was also known as Sarhaddi Gandhi (or Frontier Gandhi ~ Gandhi of the Frontiers).

And the best way to understand the tragic story of the NWFP is to follow the story of this great man... from hope to betrayal and to disappointment!

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