I was seeking a progressive Alaskan's view of Palin...

I certainly found this entry from today's Mudflats blog intriguing (and it isn't what I'm hearing on television):

Well, this Alaskan is sitting here in disbelief.  This is a total gift to the Obama - Biden ticket.  As the nation scrambles to figure out who Sarah Palin IS, the thinking people of Alaska are simply mystified.  I'll be posting about this a lot later in the day after I'm awake, (it's early a.m. here in Alaska) but first impressions: - McCain obviously is looking for the Hillary vote since obviously women need no other criteria than a set of ovaries to mark their ballot, right?  I mean women don't actually make policy decisions, do they?

He's  also looking for the Evangelical vote.  Palin, a creationist, pro-lifer will appeal to this crowd.  Her fondness for creationism in schools, and the recent birth of a Downs Syndrome child can't hurt here.

The pro-drilling crowd will be pleased too.  Why she's even suing the Federal Government for daring to suggest that polar bears should be listed as `threatened'.  Can't have those damned bears interfering with the oil rigs.

And did you know there is currently a state ethics investigation of Palin going on?

Then there was this comment from one of Mudflats' Alaskan readers:

McVictim picked a bible thumping breeder who has a pro Bush, anti Environment stance that goes beyond the ordinary.
It's clear they hope to grab some disillusioned Hillary voters and the Christian Right.
That alone spells defeat in THIS election.
It was a bad choice and I couldn't be more pleased.
Looking through Mudflats' background pieces on Palin I also found this comment:
Palin's meteoric rise to governorship, and unbelievable popularity both stem, ironically, from her squeaky-clean image, and pledges for honesty and transparency in government. So how about releasing the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's analysis of the polar bear situation? Oh....you won't do that? Hmmm. Could that be because the scientific evidence that was so incontrovertible it even persuaded the Dept. of the Interior, also persuaded Fish & Game? Transparency when convenient. Honesty when advantageous to your own `oil & gas' agenda? It's hard to stay squeaky-clean when you're covered with oil.

So I guess McCain picked her because she only had one house.
Under The LobsterScope

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Palin isn't Aiming for Hillary's Women

Also at KOS . . .

I say the Palin pick is clearly aimed at the blue collar men who voted for Hillary but aren't ready for Obama, while clearly signaling to the Bush core that McCain is bending to their will.

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McCain gives Democrats a Slingshot

People right now are worried about Palin, saying that she may be a "game changer" for McCain.

Of a certain sense, they're right - McCain changed the game such that he's now on defense just as Obama moved the ball down the court last night in spectacular fashion.  Follow below the flip for some of the great things there are to be said about Sarah Palin.

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A Game Changer or a Roll of the Dice?

McCain's pick of Palin, a woman with very little executive experience, a woman who has approved a 26 billion dollar oil pipeline to Canada instead of the United States shows that McCain's decision was made from an adlolescent place of "I'll show you mentallity" instead of one of wisdom and judgment and will be a disaster because this is not a game but serious, deadly business! Maybe McCain really is senile and confused and incapable of making sound judgments.  This woman will be a heartbeat away from being in charge of the highest office in the land. If she was Qualified, that would be different but she is not and that is the bottom line. Not to mention that his argument that Barack has no experience And Is not Ready is out the door, his strongest argument against Barack.

Is this decision Historic or Hysterical?  A game changer or a roll of the dice?  And should a Presidential candidate play russian roulette with the people's business?  It is sort of sad to me personally, that McCain with all the problems we face here, did  not have the People's interest at heart but rather a desire to win for winning's sake and did not think of the consequences of his actions and what it would mean for this country if she had to be sworn in as President of the United States!

However, in this evil ploy to pull Hillary women from Barack with no consideration as to whether or not this woman has the ability and experience to lead the United States here and on a world scale shows a very adolescent way of thinking, and a lack of sound judgment and as McCain's first executive decision, a disaster!

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Roll Call: Palin Not Vetted?

Either Sarah Palin lied to Roll Call, was vetted at the very last minute. Accoridng to an August 15 article in Roll Call (subscription only), Governor Sarah Palin told the publication that she was not being vetted at the time.

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