Palin, What kind of Mother Is She?

A bad mother? Down-syndrome kid doesnt cut it for me. That has to do with her beliefs. Whether you believe in abortion or not, you do not abandon your child when it has just been born. Especially one with down-syndrome. You see, I'm a family values voter. My promising young sister (captain of her soccer team, accepted to MIT and Yale, also died from a back alley abortion. Our family did not have health insurance, and she did this without our family's knowledge.

Being the case that McCain over-exploits his POW status, and Palin (unlike Biden, and even McCain) exploited her son's Iraq war service (which you're not supposed to do for the safety of the troops), she will exploit her new-born baby with down syndrome to impose upon all women her views on the right to choose.

Well like McCain can afford 10 houses because of his auspicious circumstances, Palin could afford to have and leave behind 5 children, including a sick new born baby with down syndrome. She could afford health insurance, afford 5 kids. My sister couldn't. She was shamed into having a back alley abortion so as not to burden my parents, and this is what happened. She died.

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Let's all take a chill pill on Palin

It seems a lot of pundits are gaga over Sarah Palin.

We all seem to be cowering over this pick.  Some of the talking points, and how to counter them:

1.  She fires up the right-wing base.  And the evangelicals will
turn out in droves.  The best way to deal with that is to highlight her extreme absolutist views on abortion, with no exceptions for rape or the mother's life.  Trickier (but may appeal to independents) is call out her pro-creationist views.

2.  She has appeal to women and will bring lots of disaffected Hillary voters.  Can this happen?   Only if we let it happen.  I hope Hillary can be used on the campaign trail.  She caould really go after Palin

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Palin Hits Clinton's "Whine"

If John McCain believes that he can wipe away his large deficit among female voters by appealing to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters through the pick of Sarah Palin, he might have to think again. Take a look at Palin talking about the "perceived whine" emanating from Clinton:

Ben Smith writes that "Palin clearly sympathizes with Clinton but also says that Clinton does herself and other women a disservice with the 'perceived whine' about tougher media coverage." This isn't exactly the kind of empathetic talk that the McCain campaign is trying to put forward at this juncture. While in reality the number of "PUMAs" is greatly overstated -- I believe there were just three dozen of them who managed to march on Denver this past week -- those Clinton supporters who are at least a bit reluctant to support Barack Obama at this juncture aren't likely to jump ship just because the extreme right, anti-abortion politician added to the Republican ticket who also happened to hit Hillary Clinton for whining is a woman.

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The Coming Palin Backlash

Sure, as you can see from the rec list, the idea that John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate would boost his support among hordes of Clinton's disaffected female supporters is a miscalculation at best. CNN ran a piece that featured a very funny montage of woman after woman, all former Clinton supporters, answering the question of whether they're likely to support McCain now that Palin is on the ticket by just saying "No""No""No""No""No"...

CNN also interviewed one woman who was incredulous:

Well, first we were just laughing. Does he really think that's going to work?

The piece went on to contrast Palin and Clinton even further, citing the fact that Palin is anti-abortion rights, a member of the NRA and, well, is a Republican. As Van Jones puts it:

"Someone should stand up and say: 'I know Senator Clinton. Senator Clinton is a friend of mine. And Sarah Palin is no Hillary Rodham Clinton.'"

But the larger damage done to McCain's candidacy by his pick of Palin may not be among Hillary Clinton supporters at all, but instead among moderate Republican women turned off by Hillary, inspired by Barack but leaning toward McCain. Could the condescension and the pandering inherent in the Palin pick tip them ever so slightly toward Barack Obama? If this e-mail from a friend of my mother -- a life-long Republican who is disillusioned with Bush and the party but still has residual goodwill toward McCain from 2000 -- is any indication, the resounding answer is yes.

Does McCain think he will bring women over just because he has chosen a female for VP? That has to be his reasoning behind his choice since she is under investigation in her state for alleged misconduct in requesting a commissioner fire her brother-in-law and she has very little to recommend her for the position.  (oh, wait, her husband is in the oil business!) As a female, I am insulted that ol' John McCain thinks all females vote based on gender. (yes, I know some do, however, I believe that most of us are more thoughtful). I may have to take a couple of sips of Obama cool aid. [...]

Well, I was really undecided until this lady came on. Now, I am definitely leaning toward the Dems. I am bitterly disappointed in McCain. I have been a supporter of his for a very long time; however, the McCain I supported in the past seems to have been taken over by the Bushes. It makes me very sad.

I suspect my mom's friend is not alone.

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Governor, I know Hillary Clinton.

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Well, today has brought an interesting selection of a Vice Presidential nominee. John McBush went out on a limb and selected Governor Sarah "Panderbear" Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, citing her as the running mate who can "best help him shake up Washington".

Or she could be the running mate that "best helps him pander in an intellectually dishonest way" to disillusioned Hillary voters. Sarah went right to work on that today, of course, comparing herself to Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro as a "groundbreaker" and telling us how she's going to finish Hillary's job and break the glass celing that has 18 million cracks in it.

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