I feel another Lou Dobbs Rant coming on.

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Marijuana and the problem of Mexican Migrants


This week when Nativists successfully blocked the Immigration Bill in the Senate it brought back to mind an earlier time in our nations history when like minded Nativists passed laws banning the use of marihuana to target the Mexican immigrants for expulsion.

 title= Hispanic Recruitment

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San Francisco Draft Al Gore Meeting May 20th!

This is Going to be a Hit and Run Diary, I apologize.

Just Wanting to invite SF Kossacks to the May Meeting

Here is the info from SF4Gore.com also on AlGore.org

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Why I'm running

Today, at events in Marin and San Francisco, I announced my candidacy for State Senate in 2008. I am running to offer voters a change and give voters a choice. The issues confronting us today are huge, from climate change to health care for all. We need new ideas, new leadership, and new approaches.

That’s why I want to reinvent the office of State Senate. I want to bring together communities of interest to work on solutions. To that end, this month I’m going to initiate and lead a series of online discussions, what I’m calling “Communities of Interest Policy” talks. These talks will bring together citizens from Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco to exchange ideas for addressing a variety of important issues, including transportation, the environment, housing, education and health care, among others.

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S.F. Democrats Tell Congress to (Seriously) End the War

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron, San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily.

Last night, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) passed a resolution urging Congress to (a) revoke the Iraq War Resolution of 2002, and (b) cut off all funding for the War -- except as "necessary to provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops in Iraq." If Congress did this (which they are empowered to do under the U.S. Constitution), George Bush would have no choice but to end the war.

The DCCC is an elected body that represents all registered Democrats in San Francisco, and is the official voice of the S.F. Democratic Party. Despite protests from Nancy Pelosi's proxy, and attempts to water down the resolution, DCCC members made it clear that the House Speaker's constituents -- and the nation as a whole -- oppose this illegal and unjustified War that has killed over 3,000 American soldiers. If we really want to "support our troops," they said, we need to bring them home now.

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