Why would anyone be offended?

(This is my first diary here.  I love it here so far.  Cross posted at dailykos.)

We all love someone who can stand up in front of a potentially hostile audience and speak their mind candidly, despite fear of retribution.  Some would argue that's exactly what Barack Obama did at his now notorious fundraiser in Pacific Heights, California.  But I'm hearing arguments being used to defend his speech that are, in my opinion (call it the "truth" if you're willing to afford me the same generosity afforded to Obama's opinion), completely missing the mark.  So I have a few points to raise.  

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It just got a great deal worse

When you have multiple video cameras whirling you should be cautious about what you say...especially when you are the front-runner.

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San Francisco primary coloring book

The San Francisco Department of Elections website has precinct-level election results available as an Excel spreadsheet.

This is how the 579 San Francisco precincts broke down on Obama/Clinton preference on Feb. 5 (click for a larger image):


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Machine vs. the grassroots - Clinton v. Obama the macrocosm?

This San Francisco Bay Guardian article elaborates on the perception and perhaps reality of the Obama/Clinton endorsement phenomenon.  The article, entitled Who wants change? Local endorsements of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fall along familiar ideological lines chronicles the San Francisco pol endorsements.

The perception of course is that the machines are supporting Clinton while the grassroots movements are supporting Obama.  This is an oversimplification of course, and how you define "machine" and "grassroots" is often more subjective than objective.

More under the flap.

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Grateful Dead for Obama, Concert in SF

3 living members of The Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir & Mickey Hart will play at a "Deadheads for Obama" concert Monday at the Warfield in San Francisco.

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