Clinton Picks Armisen to Replace Obama on Dream Team

Reliable as always, Hillary Clinton has come up with a Solution to the crisis of finding another running mate after Barack Obama turned down the job.  Rumor has it that Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live has agreed to play Clinton's proposed Vice President at the Democratic Convention in Denver this August.

The crisis arose yesterday when Barack Obama reminded the Clintons that, notwithstanding last week's results in Ohio, he is still the front-runner by a long distance as calculated in states won, votes cast or delegates pledged.  Furthermore, he informed his opponent that he was not available to be her running mate in 2008, as he had made  plans to star in his own series this Fall.  It is not clear how Clinton intends to overcome the vote and delegate hurdles, but at least she has a running mate if she succeeds.

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SNL Hillary-iously Skewers Obama for 3rd Week in a Row! [UPDDATE w/ Vid]

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`Saturday Night Live' opened with another great political punch.

From SNL - "It's 3 am, across our country kids are asleep...'' the narrator says. The phone rings.:

Barack Obama: "Uh, Hillary, I'm sorry to call this late again. I need your help. ...The CIA just confirmed that Iran has completed a nuclear device. It looks like the Russians, the North Koreans, and Hugo Chavez have been helping them. ...Oh my God. ...What do I do, Hillary? What do I do?"

After Hillary tried to calm him down, Obama began crying:

Barack Obama: "I can't. Don't you see that I'm in a panic -- a blind, unreasoning, inexperienced panic?"

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Is There Really a Media Bias?

There has been a lot of talk here on MYDD about a media bias towards Obama. In light of the recent events and coming events I think it is time to put that theory to rest. Hillary appeared on SNL last night and the Daily Show will have her on Monday night.

The timing of both of these appearances (and the Tina Fey commentary last week,) are all clearly designed to help Clinton turn things around ahead of Tuesday's Primaries in Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Now, this is great strategy from Clinton's campaign (which is a bit surprising since they have appeared, on occasion, completely tone death.) If Clinton eventually wins the nomination I would say that it will be in spite of her high level advisors rather than because of them.

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SNL - Tonight . . . HILLARY CLINTON !

CNN is suggesting that Hillary supporters might especially
want to tune in to Saturday Night Live tonight.

Clinton is also scheduled for the Daily Show on Monday.

No doubt in the mind of her supporters and fans, Hillary Clinton
is about to become the Comeback Kid. linton.snl/index.html

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Clinton ditched her press corps in Texas and canceled appearance in Columbus.  Mark Halperin on The Page says she's on her way to NY to appear on SNL tonight.


I support Obama, just wanted HRC supporters over here to have a chance to enjoy their candidate.  And may the best person win!!!

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