SNL and Obama

I just saw that Obama is supposed to appear on Saturday Night Live. Normally I would say GREAT! With this hurricane fast approaching, I think Obama needs to just say no.

OR briefly go on with no comedy or music, talk about helping others that are in need right now, ask for Red Cross donations (put a web address on the screen), talk briefly about service and how the audience and the viewers can help serve by helping out now.

Then he should say that he must leave now, so that he may monitor the situation and help marshall his supporters and the American people to help.

He could also do this via video or a sat link.

By the way...

Just the other day, a Red Cross representative said that responding to the floods and hurricanes as put the Red Cross into a $70 million HOLE!

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Ok, I saw this over at KOS and though it was so funny I would post it here.  I will give fair warning, it makes fun of both our democratic candidates so if you don't have a sense of humor, save yourself the angst and don't watch!

First for context here is the NBA commercial.

Now the democratic nomination snark.  I think it's pretty funny, YMMV.  

Don't go all misogynist on me either, it's just satire.  

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SNL Clobbers Hillary !!

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, it does.  

For the longest time, SNL was her champion - now they've had it.  

They're really, ahem, ahem,... ANGRY with Hillary.  

This is a just a willllllld guess, but I think it's cuz of something she said (D'Oh!!).  

Caution:  your ribs will hurt from the laughter.

► When you're lost Tina Fey, you're done.  Is there anyone left?

Hills can kiss her Vice Presidential ambitions goodbye.

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Late Night with Saturaday Night Live

Anyone watching the opening, lol making fun of the Petraeus hearings?

it had some good spots, I love Sen. Byrd, sooo

whats up with you other people?

(please if you wanna argue or tear down Obama or Clinton there are ENOUGH threads, is it ok if we have 1 civil thread?)

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SNL: Tracy Morgan's response to Tina Fey

Given the overwhelming response to Tina Fey's "Bitch is the New Black" bit here, I figured that tonight's answer from Tracy Morgan would be similarily embraced: id=4bc93c66-a596-4832-8d1b-77a5552b2553

For those who can't get the clip to work, here's the new tagline: "Bitch might be the new black, but Black is the new President!"

I eagerly await this entry's ascent up the recc list!

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