Super Sunday: Spitzer, Sen Schumer campaign for open NYS Senate seat

Governor Eliot Spitzer and Senator Chuck Schumer are coming out to Long Island to campaign with Craig Johnson (D-WFP) today as Craig launches his "Moving New York Forward - 33 Stops in 33 Hours" tour.  Craig Johnson (D-WFP) is running in the Feb 6 special election for an open State Senate seat in New York's Seventh District on Long Island.

Starting this morning and going until the voting starts, Craig is campaigning in every one of the 33 villages in the Seventh District, leaving no stone unturned to Get Out the Vote.  The tour will take Craig to morning bagel stops and popular lunch spots, religious services and Super Bowl parties.

Come out and meet Craig and help the campaign Get Out The Vote!

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The Johnson campaign Sunday schedule is after the jump.

2 days until Election Day!

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NY-SD7: 3rd Craig Johnson for NY State Senate TV Ad Is Up

The third Craig Johnson (D-WFP) for State Senate TV commercial is up on the air.

Craig is running in a Feb 6 special election for an open New York State Senate seat in northwestern Nassau County.

Eliot Spitzer's ad man Jimmy Siegel directed the ad; you can see Siegel's first two ads for the Johnson campaign here and here.

In the ad, titled "How to Save," five accountants from the Seventh Senate District take Craig's opponent Maureen O'Connell to task for her record of raising taxes.

Watch the ad on YouTube: tM

Be sure to read about the O'Connell audit scandal and sign up to be part of the Johnson campaign GOTV push!

6 days until Election Day!

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NY-SD7: New York Times Endorses Johnson for Open Senate Seat

Craig Johnson (D-WFP) has the momentum in the Feb 6 special election for an open New York State Senate seat in the Seventh Senate District in northwestern Nassau County.  Adding to his momentum, the New York Times has just endorsed Craig for State Senate:

The New York Times
Sunday, January 28, 2007
A State Senate Endorsement

The sudden vacancy in the 7th State Senate District has caused both parties to leap in with guns blazing.  When the Republican incumbent, Michael Balboni, quit to join the Spitzer administration as chief of homeland security, the race to succeed him became instantly negative and hugely expensive.

That's because so much is at stake beyond just control of a single seat in northwest Nassau County - control of the Senate, for instance, where the Republican majority has been nearing the vanishing point, as well as the reform agenda of Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who broke with a tradition of gubernatorial nonaggression in such races to appear in an ad hailing the Democratic candidate, Craig Johnson, as an ally in the crusade to fix Albany.

Mr. Johnson, who was elected to the Nassau Legislature in 2000 after the death of the incumbent - his mother, Barbara - is challenging Maureen O'Connell, who became the Nassau County clerk a little over a year ago and now wants to return to Albany, where she served as an assemblywoman since 1998.  With very little time to campaign - the special election in Feb 6 - both sides are running at a frantic pace.

Their ads are studies in negativity, with Mr. Johnson's campaign accusing Ms. O'Connell of being as anti-choice extremist on reproductive issues, and Ms. O'Connell running a preposterous spot showing a woman tied to railroad tracks about to mowed down by a train.  The train represents taxes, taxes, taxes, specifically the 19-percent increase that County Executive Thomas Suozzi pushed through the Legislature in his first term as part of his utterly sensible - and successful - effort to rescue Nassau's finances from decades of Republican misrule.

Of the charges being burled back and forth over the airwaves, we find Mr. Johnson's the more persuasive. Ms. O'Connell does have a troubling record on choice, having taken stands in Albany - like voting against as emergency contraception bill when it was in committee - that infringed on women's reproductive rights.

Ms. O'Connell's claims that Mr. Johnson's taxing madman are, by contrast, unfounded.  The Suozzi tax plan he voted for was a prudent and responsible response to a fiscal mess. He has also assembled a credible record on other issues, including open space preservation.

The race is, though, about something larger - which is the reason the eyes of the whole state are on it.  Governor Spitzer will need the cooperation of the Republican-dominated State Senate if he is going to make progress on the ambitious reform agenda that he has laid out.  Mr. Johnson has vowed to be his ally in the coming battles, while Ms. O'Connell is likely to give reinforcement to the Albany status quo.

For voters who have hopes that Mr. Spitzer will succeed in fixing Albany, as we do, Mr. Johnson is the obvious choice.  We enthusiastically endorse him.

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