Giuliani's New Vote For Me Or Die Ad

I guess you sort of have to give Rudy! points for restraint since it took almost a year to finally, as Josh puts it:

bring the Rudy reality fully in line with Rudy parody.

Watch it:

I do have to say though that Giuliani loses the presidential floating head profile sweepstakes to McCain whose ads generally end with a much cooler floating head shot; Rudy just looks uncomfortable and creepy.

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The Huckabee Yelp

     As the Baptist preacher, turned governor, turned Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee continues to rise in the polls, it will be very interesting the imaginative ways the Republican establishment will use to derail his candidacy and still maintain its strangle hold on the evangelicals who are flocking to him. In just two short weeks we have been treated to new revelations concerning the "man who would be king". There was the "pardoned rapists" story, the unelectable story, and now the release of private letters written by Mr. Huckabee while in Arkansas. The Republican dirty tricks department is in full-throttle mode and as his numbers continue to increase the tricks will get dirtier and the tone is going to get meaner.

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GOP Pres Candidates Looking Bad

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will be facing a weak GOP candidate, no matter how skilled Republican strategists are at dividing the country.

In the 2008 election that is indisputably a challenging historical period for the GOP to begin with, the top five candidates for the GOP presidential nomination all present major problems in assembling a winning GOP coalition in the general election, and even two weeks away from the Iowa caucuses no candidate looks like a winner.

But as Chris Cillizza says: "Someone Has to Win the GOP Nomination."

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[UPDATE II] Is Rudy Dropping Out of the Race?

For those of you whom have not been following this today, Rudy Giuliani was admitted to a hospital last night in Saint Louis for "flu like symptoms" and has yet to be released.  He is expected to leave the hospital today and return to New York. o/giuliani;_ylt=Ap61Zn3o3i5LyQ83BWJO.dOy Fz4D

The former New York City mayor felt the symptoms while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in Missouri, and they soon became worse, Levinson said late Wednesday. She did not describe the symptoms beyond those being commonly associated with the flu.

"The symptoms worsened as the day wore on and shortly after taking off from Chesterfield, Missouri, for New York the mayor became uncomfortable enough that our plane returned to the airport in Chesterfield," Levinson said. "To be on the safe side, the mayor consulted with his personal physician in New York and made the decision to go to the Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for routine tests."

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Religious Right Still Potent in GOP Circles, Buffoonish Elsewhere

With the rise of Mike Huckabee to the top of polls in the race for the Republican nomination for president, the pile of candidates rejected by the religious right is a roster of formerly regarded GOP front-runners or political saviors: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

[John McCain's recently acquired Joe-mentum is a joke, and McCain, of the top four Republican candidates, remains the least acceptable to the religious right, as he deviates slightly from being mean-spirited and dogmatic.]

So, will Huckabee sustain his frontrunner status, propped up by the religious right?

Let's hope so, because the religious right has worn out its welcome among the center of American politics.

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