2006 Religious vote same for Republicans as 2004

So, I just read an article that is further repudiation of Rove's strategy of getting out the religious right voter base as a means of winning elections.

The article, by the NY Times, is here:

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/09/us/pol itics/09relig.html?ref=politics

What is especially interesting to the left is that it should once and for all prove that this block of voter is not absolutely crucial to winning elections. Obama deservedly got in trouble prior to this election by creating the false frame that any Democrat who is for secularism is somehow against religion-- in part, I suspect because of fear over the power of the religios right. This should decrease any such anxiety.

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Executive Branch - Lame Duck

Here are a few promises Rove and his pet goat made to us in the week prior to the election.

1. Dems would not win the Senate(lie)

  1. Dems would not win the House (lie)
  2. Rove will not be involved in the 2008 Presidential Campaign
  3. Rumsfeld will stay through 08 (lie)
  4. Cheney will stay through 08

and everyone hears the crocodile ticking on item 5.

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http://www.humanevents.com/enpr/current_ enpr.html

http://hughhewitt.townhall.com/Transcrip t_Page.aspx?ContentGuid=281d0f18-66a0-46 f5-bcb0-a1428bbeadad

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Ending the Aura: A Key Side Benefit of the 2006 Elections

FDR, of course. once said. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." The biggest thing that Republicans have going for them at this point, at least in the House elections, is that fear.  Democrats are now in the position of a football team with a 21 point lead and the fourth quarter more than half over.  If we keep doing the things that built that lead and don't get scared of Republican comebacks, republican GOTV operations, Diebold theft, the "genius" of Rove, the complicity of the media and a million other things then not only is there no way we will lose but there is a strong possibility that the wheels will come off for the Republicans and our win will be even bigger than most people think.

Back in 2001 (I think), a couple of the Arizona Diamondbacks claimed to be unimpressed by the Yankees fabulous post-season record.  Nobody believed the when Chuck Schilling pronounced that he thought "Mystique and Aura" was the name of a disco (in Queens, no less, IIRC).  The next game the Yankees won a comeback win and the NY tabloids were crowing about the inevitability of the Yankees.  The Diamondbacks were unmoved.  The Yankees cracked and cracked again with the impregnable Mario Rivera actually being human and Arizona won the Series.  The Yankees haven't won since. The same is true of Rove, Bush and the Republicans.  Strip them of their aura and they aere less than ordinary human beings, they are deeply flawed humans who deliver less than maximum performance even in the field of politics.

How does this work?  Take the House predictions.  While Charlie Cook made no less than ten sets of predictions and Democratic chances kept being pushed back and forth in individual races, Republican hopes to unseat Democrats were onlyn slightly changed during October, staying at 19 seats during ten sets of October projections.  Following a "major" examination of these seats. two were moved from Lean Democratic to Likely democratic.  The only thing supporting this was mystique and aura.  

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Bush, Cheney, and Rove head to "The Sanctuary" in SC

National trends make their way down to South Carolina five or ten years after the rest of the country gets wind of them.  Furbies just hit the shelves a few weeks ago, and we're still asking for the "Rachel haircut" when we go to the salon.

So of course George W. Bush is still in style here.  He and his friends Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are even visiting South Carolina this weekend. Their specific destination?

The Sanctuary!  Literally.  The Sanctuary Resort on Kiawah Island.

Bush, Rove, and Cheney head to the sanctuary -- the little state that still loves them.  heh.

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