Two friends recently sat down for cofee and had a friendly chat . One was a republican ( Charlie ) and the other was a democrat ( Mike ) .

Mike : Hello Charlie

Charlie : Hi Mike , how have you been and how is life generally

Mike : Its being great , I recently paid off my mortgage , I am thinking of taking a vacation.

Charlie : Nice , I envy you . I wish I could plan a vacation too but I am neck deep in work. So what has been of interest to you in the news , I know you are a junkie .

Mike : Yeah a lot has been happening , you know the wiretapping bill the dems caved on , the war , rove resigning , Gonzalez still on the job. Not a lot has changed since the 06 elections.

Charlie : You know it makes it better for my own side . All is not lost for next year . You know if things look bad , we can always look to Karl Rove .

Mike : What do you mean ?

Charlie : C'mon you know what I mean , you guys have Karl Rove locking in the shadows of everything you do . What happened with the whole wiretapping thing , can you imagine how much power that bill gave to Bush , the same group of people that were all up in arms about warrantless wiretapping have gone along to give the president even more sweeping powers than he wanted.

Mike : Yeah that was just unbelieveable , but what does that have to do with Rove.

Charlie : You guys were afraid that Rove/Bush team were going to blame it on the dems if a terrorist attack occurred during the summer that you signed such a sweeping bill , most of them didn't even read what they were signing into law , they couldn't have played it better.

Mike : You know I don't think I can justify their actions , so I would have to agree with you on that one.

Charlie : You know I always wondered why you guys were so spooked over Rove .

Mike : Maybe because he beat us twice , 00 was controversial but he still won 2. You got to admit he said he was going to get it done and he did. Lets not forget the bush governorship win too.

Charlie : You know as a republican I didn't think he was such a great strategist . I think there are a lot of strategist out there that are better. Didn't Schumer/Emanuel beat him in 06. I will pick Carville over him . Overall Carville/Begala were better strategist.

Mike : How so ?

Charlie : Bob Casey of Pennyslvania in 86 , Zell Miller in 90 , more impressive was in 1991 Carville and Begala leading appointed incumbent Senator Harris Wofford of Pennsylvania back from a 40-point poll deficit over White House hand-picked candidate Dick Thornburgh. Lets not forget Bill Clinton victories in the 90's . Remember Bill Clinton had about 26% favourability and this guys still won . Rove himself knows that he can't touch those guys.

Mike : You know those are really impressive , but you know it still doesn't take away his accomplishments.

Charlie : That's what Dems' think , a lot of republicans probably will tell you otherwise , is it not stunning that no major republican has come out in praise of Rove . The only people bringing up Rove is your side and the allies you have in the media.

Mike : You know most times my side brings him up , it is usually in condemnation.

Charlie : You just proved my point , everything you guys do , Karl Rove is always at the back of your mind . That's probably exactly what he wants , you know he evens has a hand in your primary . Rove is very much driving your decisions in picking your nominee .

Mike : Isn't it good strategy to think of your competition when you are going into battle.

Charlie : Yeah , but your side is always playing from a side of weakness , just like in 04 . On our side we mostly pick who we want and go out there and beat you . On your side you choose your nominee with the cloud of Rove hanging over your heads.

Mike : Hmm , who are you supporting by the way .

Charlie : Haven't fully decided yet , but I am leaning towards Mitt Romney , he is gaining in the early states , he could win.

Mike : If you go with Romney , its good for our side , I always wondered how you guys can even think of choosing Mitt Romney , don't you think he is damaged goods , he has been on both sides of every issue . We will paint him as a flip flopper.

Charlie : That doesn't bother me as much , he is right on the issues now and that is good enough for me . Yeah I consider his changed positions but it is not driving my decision . Thats the difference between your side and my side.

Mike : Some say Rove is speaking out so as to influence our primaries . Do you think that's the case ? and Who do you think he would like to run against.

Charlie : I don't know , who knows , he could be betting that he could spook the dems into picking a candidate based on what you guys interpret his moves to be . That way he knows you will probably play into his script and you end up with someone who is not your first choice . That will be his last dance and he wouldn't have scripted his exit better. Why does the psycho analysis of Rove have to drive the debate on your side so much.

Mike : We want to win the whitehouse. Thats the only thing I can come up with.

Charlie : You guys have been psychologically scarred by Rove in the last 7 years . The last two defeats you guys had was exactly because you played into Rove's hand.

Mike : How so ?

Charlie : Why did you pick John Kerry in 04 .

Mike : We thought since he was a Vietnam vet he could blunt the charges from Rove.

Charlie :  Proves my point . Why don't you guys step out of Rove's shadow for once and just go ahead and pick your candidates based on who you really want. How do you really know what Rove is thinking , you are really not a mind reader.

Mike : Thats a risky strategy isn't it , Just pick without considering the other side.

Charlie : Thats not what I am saying , Don't pick mostly on what you think the other side wants. Who knows You might just win.

Mike : Ok , I see your point . So what do you think of the candidate on our side .

Charlie : You have good candidates on your side but we will win.

Mike : How can you say that ?

Charlie : I don't know , just like Rove said " I have my math " and you have yours.

Mike : You know he was wrong ?

Charlie : Yeah , but he still gets under your skin. He was wrong  on a lot of things too. He suggested Iraq was going to hurt Democrats at the polls and that Ned Lamont's primary win over Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut would cripple Democrats nationwide by tarring them with an anti-war image . Forget the fact that Bush needed the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the vote counting in order to secure a win in 2000, he said Bush was going to win that race by huge margins. In 2004 Bush, a wartime president who one year earlier boasted booming job approval rating, narrowly defeated a liberal from Massachusetts in the general election . His record wasn't that great so I wonder why you guys have such a craving for him.

Mike : Its not a craving , its appropriate fear. Which shows respect to your opposition.

Charlie : Okay Mike , my coffee break is over .

Mike : Nice discussion , I know we will win next year.

Charlie : Yeah right , Rove is lurking in the shadows and I bet you will give him what he wants .

Mike : Maybe we should get our own Rove .

Charlie : No , Rove is not a winner in my book . I won't bet against Carville / Begala.

Mike : You seem to be plugging those names , is this some kind of reverse psychology .

Charlie : I have said enough. I'll see you next time.

Mike : Yeah , have a nice vacation.

DISCLAIMER : These are just random thoughts .

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Karl "The Divider" Rove, who gave us radically decided politics on all levels and helped George Bush destroy the country and his own party, is leaving office to spend "more time with his family."

And good riddance.

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Karl Rove just announced his resignation. Wow.
Speechless. He has brought a special set of qualifications to the advent of unprecedented partisanship and dysfunction in Government, not to mention being an extremely warm and personal friend of George W. Bush for so many years. Who could replace, Karl Rove for all the good he has done? See poll. (multiple selections ok!)

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Crossposted from Left Toon Lane& My Left Wing

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Office to combat Homosexuality & Abortion

Although it sure does sounds like some brand new cabinet level department that the Bush Administration is trying to create it was in reality an office that was created by the NAZI's back in the 1930's. The so called Social Conservatives which make up a very large part of the Republican Party Base are just as obsessed with Abortion and Homosexuality as the NAZI's were. I personally find the parallels quite eerie. The NAZI's also claimed to be a pro-life party and they used family values imagery as well as rhetoric to garner support. If a woman had an abortion in NAZI Germany should could be sentenced to death. The Religious Rights agenda is similar to that of the NAZI's when it comes to Abortion and Gays.


NAZI Heinrich Himmler and NEO-CON Karl Heinz Roverer *A/K/A Karl Rove
 title= title= 

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