I'm Karl Rove's best friend

Good evening boys and hootergirls,

I sure hope it's ok to call some of you boys and hootergirls, since not everyone is on our payroll acts like an adult around here.

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm John, and I'm Karl Rove's best friend.  Karl wanted me to let you know that he loves each and every one of you that is working so hard for us crookedcorrupt flag waving, apple pie-loving Republicans this election year, whether incognito or not...

Especially you! C'mon, you didn't think Karl stopped paying attention to who his real friends and enemies are, just because he's no longer leaking CIA agents' namesplotting to put Alabama governors in jail for bogus charges...

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What does Gay Marriage, the Mexican Border, and the 2nd Amendment have in common?

They represent the touchstones of divisive politics.
But that is not saying enough.
They also happen to represent the three hottest hot button topics pushed by the Republican Party political brain trust (read: Rove) to win the White House and GOTV in the last two general elections.

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Senator Obama, Please Stop Rovian Tactics!

I can tolerate anything in this primary. Incredibly ineffective DNC, just stupid delegate system, weird caucuses, petty attacks on each other's 'electability'...etc.


I will not tolerate any attacks on CHARACTER of each candidate! Personal attacks are terrible not just because you are damaging potential supports from your opponent whom you need to win the GE but also because there is NO WAY the opponent can reasonably respond the attack. If one says "you are not trustworthy" about you, how can you respond that? No I am not? It is why people call attacks on characters as "smear campaign'. It does not help constructive debate on policies. It does not generate any "good" support for the party. It will just give a lot of sexy headlines for the MSM and drive away a lot of voters.

In the article in ABCNEWS, Obama states that "Hillary is not seen as trustworthy by the American people". What is going on? Does Obama really want Hillary to bring up HIS issues with being trustworthy in terms of his 20 year relation with Rev. Wrights? Is Obama trustworthy after lies after lies about his relation with Rezko? Give me a break. More important, where is politics of hope? Didn't he say he will be so different from so-called 'Washington" politics?

Obama suprises me everyday with how low he can go to win the nomination, not necessarily the general election. If he thinks of the general election and the future of the party, there is NO way he could launch this type of dirty attacks. I remember that he snubbed on Hillary on the day he received wonderful endorsements from the Kennedys. He received another wonderful endorsement from Bill Richardson today who claims that Obama represents New Politics. Yet, Obama launched the most negative attack against Hillary. Frankly I found nothing new about Obama's tactic. It is just what Rove used against Gore and Kerry. Claim your opponent as dishonest and not trustworthy. Who knows? You might win the election! Great job, Senator Obama. You just got an A+ from Rove.

http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/ story?id=4495865&page=1

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Is the 'GOP party' just a FRONT?

Okay, I have already been called a nut so what do I have to lose, right?

Follow me on this one. I just was thinking, suppose the right is nervous that the long stranglehold they have had on politics is coming to an end. The middle class and poor of America have wised up and they realize that the extreme right is waging war on America that they know. They realize that there is a group of people who 1.) are commmitted to a militaristic, oligarchical America, one that takes from the poor and gives to them, i.e. (the rich) and one that is basically dishonest and doesn't care. and 2.) Has no qualms about doing ANYTHING to stay in power, even really really terrible things.

These are the people who have been in power for a long time, and even when they have been out of power (as during Bill Clintons Presidency) they are always there, still waging war and holding other kinds of power.

Well, the GOP 'brand' that many have associated with this movement has now been outed by the Bush fiasco as a taker and not a giver, as far as ordinary Americans are complained, and so they must feel that its time to change their skin.

How can they do this? Easy. The party name, like 'GOP' we see are front. Its for the outsiders. The insiders know this. They have a different organization. Their group has never been a party in a democracy. Its an antidemocratic idea and as such, it would repulse most Americans. But they have always been thre. Their ideas are a nebulous thing to outsiders who larely dont understand their goals. (Oligarchy, elitism, stability, GROWTH)

(This 'party' may also be international. Crossing national boundaries.) But the members of the group know each other when they see each other. they may even have a formal, but secret structure. Many people like, for example, Joe Lieberman and Obama, are members of that confederacy, just as the various GOP-branded members are.

The GOP party that we see, in other words, is just a FRONT ORGANIZATION to divert attention from the real leaders. Other parties might also be fronts.

The real leaders probably AVOID the limelight and they would never run for President, although they might serve as Vice President in a pinch.

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Karl Rove Bombshell on 60 Minutes

Wow, wow, wow.

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/02/2 1/60minutes/main3859830.shtml

" A Republican operative in Alabama says Karl Rove asked her to try to prove the state's Democratic governor was unfaithful to his wife in an effort to thwart the highly successful politician's re-election.


Simpson spoke to Pelley because, she says, Siegelman's seven-year sentence for bribery bothers her. She recalls what Rove, then President Bush's senior political adviser, asked her to do at a 2001 meeting in this exchange from Sunday's report.

"Karl Rove asked you to take pictures of Siegelman?" asks Pelley.

"Yes," replies Simpson.

"In a compromising, sexual position with one of his aides," clarifies Pelley.

"Yes, if I could," says Simpson."


I don't think I can add any commentary to this.

Really.  Republican operatives are turning on Rove?

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