Karl Rove Live! UPDATE - now over

UPDATED - Well, our Q&A session has come to an end, as karl needs to fly to North Carolina. He appreciates the fine turnout today, and says he'll try this again sometime soon.

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying global warming the weather as much as we are in Alaska today...a group of us are up north raising millions and millions money today on behalf of Senator Ted Stevens, at his private residence.  I don't know about you guys, but this is the first time I've ever enjoyed an outdoor BBQ by a pool the size of Rhode Island in April.

Senator Stevens built the pool as large as Rhode Island, with leftover funds from that bridge to nowhere has screwed served Alaskans proudly for years, so when he calls key allies and threatens to spill some secrets asks for help with his campaign, we're more than happy to pitch in.  George, Dick, Condi, Johnny Mac - everyone is here...

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Karl Rove weighs in on Florida and Michigan

Karl Rove is the greatest political dirty-trickster of all time can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.  I mean, I'm his best friend, sound asleep, suddenly the phone rings at 4:00 AM, and there's Karl feeding me today's talking points for our teams of trolls at Daily Kos and other sites asking me to get out of bed just to let everyone know where he stands on Florida and Michigan.

So here it is in a nutshell - Democrats should exclude Florida and Michigan this year.  Just let us have them.  Lord knows, we need all the help we can get this year, even though we control the press, control the courts, control the Supreme Court, spy on every single American and keep detailed files so we can blackmail anyone we choose, lock up whomever we feel like, have access to billions and billions of dollars that we've siphoned off the past 7 years because our nominee, John McCain, doesn't have a chance without them...

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Karl Rove weighs in on "the finger"

Hello again boys and hootergirls,

As you know, I'm John - Karl's best friend.  Karl continues to be impressed by all the dishonest comments being posted by our trolls masquerading as both Obama and Hillary supporters with all of your efforts, which will no doubt lead to a landslide victory this November by either the witch Hillary Clinton, or the scarecrow Barack Obama.

Karl intended to stay out of Obama's smooth move "the finger" controversy, but after viewing SluggoJD's detailed analysis of a video that leaves little doubt just how smooth Obama is ridiculous, self-serving diary titled Screw you, screw you too, screw all of you "I'm sorry Jonathan, but you're wrong," he nearly had a heart attack this morning as the diary quickly rose to the top of the Recommended List,  Fortunately for us, because we want to run against Obama it was deleted for exposing one of our agents wisely deleted by the always-wise monitors here at MyDD, though it still existsin an even more-powerful version with pictures in an even more ridiculous version with pictures, at MakeThemAccountable.com.

I mean, the nerve of that asshole, troll-fighting, intellectual son of a bitch SluggoJD for having the nerve to put that diary out on Al's internets for all to see...

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Karl Rove says hi to all his fans at MyDD

Good evening boys, hootergirls, and everyone else,

My buddy Karl just phoned me and wanted me to tell you all hi, thank you for your hard work, and verify everyone has their RNC life insurance policies updated weekly assignments as Hillary or Obama supporters current talking points.

For those who were so busy the other night making up new bullshit about Hillary spamming thousands with that "Obama is a Muslim" email switching screennames back and forth faster then you change your underwear posting sincere comments about your favorite Democratic candidate, I'll re-introduce myself - I'm John, Karl's top henchman Chief troll coordinator best friend, and since Karl is a very busy man masterminding yet another Democratic defeat snatched from the jaws of victory finalizing Plan 2008...oops, not supposed to mention that yet these days, it's my job to drop by this wonderful and truly pro-Democratic Party site unlike Daily Kos and all those other pretend sites and communicate with all of our troops the members from time to time.

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I Agree With Alegre--This Thing Has Legs

I am an Obama supporter, but I have to agree with Alegre.  This "Bittergate" thing has legs.  

My modest suggestion that this will seriously cripple Obama is below the fold.

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