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White House Message

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Republicans Live in Post-9/11 World

Rove is shifting from trying to protect the president from the bitter sting of reality to focus on the politics of the party.  Not that he'll change his title or be any less influential in the White House but he sees the writing on the wall and wants to protect W's power.  In the midterm election, Democrats have a large and increasing lead over the corruption plagued Republicans.  Without a rubberstamp Congress and in light of steadily declining poll numbers, the administration sees it's tenure at the White House in jeopardy.  A once united party is breaking apart under Bush's incompetent leadership as he proves time and time again that he is out of touch with the American people in issues from Social Security, the Dubai port deal, Iraq, his administrations failure during the Katrina crisis as well as mounting legal troubles including his authorization to spy on Americans and his instigating role in the Plame affair.  A fresh left leaning Congress is likely to censure and impeach the President over many of these issues and pull the purse strings getting our troops out of Iraq.  Worse still, people might actually see that this was no the only route available.  They might understand that there are other options besides repeated failure.

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Pink Slips Abound for Prosecutors and Therapists

...Someone recently asked me how the illegal occupation of Iraq has changed our nation. Since Bush and his cabal used 9/11 as a blatantly false pretense for invading Iraq, I decided to examine how the United States has changed since the WTC collapse...

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The GOP Train to Realignment

I was riding DC's subway the other day and saw why Republicans may well solidify their electoral realignment in the next couple of years.

An advertisement in the subway car was making the pro-life case. I wondered why was this ad up now in January, when abortion is not the issue du jour (even though it never goes away).  There was no big media campaign focused on abortion during the month, no big message to get out to the public. The ad, unlike many political ads, was not connected to any one immediate need, no immediate advocacy to change minds for a vote or an election. The only thing I could come up with was that this ad was planting the seed for a longer term, more strategic effort to change hearts and minds on abortion.

The same thing is going on in Spartanburg, South Carolina is going on with homosexuality.

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