Can Rove Still Get His One-Party Country?

The Dems HAVE TO pay attention to this . . . Peter Wallsten and Tom Hamburger had a great column in yesterday's LA Times; it's actually a preview of their new book, One Party Country (Wiley). Check it out at: entary/la-op-hamburger25jun25,1,3293272. story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Here's what jumps out at me, and scares the bejeezers out of me . . . Wallsten and Hamburger write, " . . . The fact is that over two or three decades, the GOP has painstakingly built up a series of structural advantages that make the party increasingly difficult to beat. And in the last five years, it has strengthened its hold under President Bush and his political guru, Karl Rove..."

They use the Bilbray-Busby contest as an example of how the Republicans can pull victory from the jaws of defeat, partially thru the use of their far superior database operation:

" . . . The new-and-improved GOP database helped Republicans begin to peel away select pieces of the old Democratic base, such as politically conservative and pro-Israel Jews, as well as socially conservative blacks, Latinos and blue-collar workers. In Cleveland, Republicans in 2004 compiled a list of Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants who they knew backed Bush's stance against Islamic terrorism, then organized a rally entirely in Russian on the Sunday before the election. . . . " It's a powerful warning that Dems need to hear!

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More Murtha swiftboating and Roves 2006 strategy

I was looking around at google results for "Murtha" and found another attack on John Murtha, courtesy of a week-old Washington Times editorial...

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Karl Rove

Does anyone else think the Republicans know they have nothing beneficial to offer the country and worse, that they readily acknowledge that they only intend to govern for their core supporters and no one else?

After reading the Sunday Post piece on Karl Rove, it seems apparent that they have nothing but clever slogans and prepaid voting machines.  The story noted that Rove's strategy for the midterm elections is to make the election a choice between the philosophies of the two parties, especially on national security, rather than a referendum on Bush's performance.

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Dear Mr. Rove

Dear Mr. Rove;

I had a most unusual dream last night that I want to share with you. In the dream,  you and I were old acquaintances, catching up on the past by having lunch together.  Our martini's  came and we both sat back to enjoy our drinks, while waiting on lunch to arrive. I spoke first, saying: " Karl, you've certainly made an important contribution to the President and the Republican Party these past seven, eight years. You are the President's closest personal and political advisor. Folks along the beltway still talk about your incredible political savvy and how you single-handedly worked out a strategy to get George W. elected in 2000. You even topped this with your incredible performance in 2004 by going against all odds to get the President re-elected!"

" I know so little about politics but, Karl, be honest with me.  I  know you must have something pretty darn good planned up your sleeve to turn the tables on the Democrats in 2006. I can't wait to see what you're going to do to trip-up and out-wit these Democrats."

" I see where the Congress is giving the President another 85 or 90 billion to continue on in Iraq. I also see where an important Homeland Security Report reveals that most American  
cities and states still remain seriously unprepared for any kind of catastrophe. The report then goes on by saying; "How, we as a nation have severe shortcomings in emergency planning. That these shortcomings are of significant national concern and must be taken seriously." Karl, explain please, is this another one of your brilliant strategies for the 2006 elections? Are you using this one, once again;  "Don't change horses, mid-stream?" Or, if your candidates should be attacked for any of their many past mistakes, will they wiggle out of it again as they did in the past by using the old "blame game" technique?"
"Karl, I know your people will do anything to get re-elected in November. The've gotten to like the celebrity-status and hardly want to give up their grand lifestyle!  And Karl, I know how you  get things done your way, regardless of the opposition. You're a one-of-a-kind! Well, bye Karl, It's time to catch my flight back home.

Hey Karl, have you thought about running for President in 2008?

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That speech wasn't about Immigration

Immigration is an election year issue designed to force a wedge back in between the Americans who have coalesced around a common disdain for the current incarnation of our democracy. In an election year, Rovian politics sees no value in uniting the country around a good idea.  Good ideas don't drive turnout, divisive ones do.  So why give the speech?

President Bush may have just talked about immigration for 17 minutes but his speech was about his presidency.

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