Results Round-up

OK, before I head to bed, I wanted to break down what we have so far this incredible and crazy night.

Vermont (86% reporting):

Obama 60
Clinton 38

Rhode Island (98% reporting):

Clinton 58
Obama 40

Ohio (97% reporting):

Clinton 54
Obama 44

Texas (P) (98% reporting):

Clinton 51
Obama 48

And ready for this one...

Texas (C) (36% reporting) is too close to call:

Obama 52
Clinton 48

It's a cliche by now but Hillary Clinton did exactly what she needed to do. Congratulations, Senator.

And in other news, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul survived their primary challenges today. This graf made me chuckle:

But in the end, [Paul challenger Chris] Peden fell short, allowing Paul to resume his presidential campaign, although Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., wrapped up the nomination with a sweep of wins in Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Paul's native Texas.

But in perhaps the most important primary news of the day, Rick Noriega, Democratic challenger to Bush hack TX GOP Senator John Cornyn, dispatched his primary challenger earning 51% of the vote. As Burnt Orange Report put it earlier tonight:


Go congratulate Noriega on officially becoming the Democratic nominee for Senate from Texas over at Act Blue.

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A day in the life of an Obama supporter

07:15 AM

This election is just soooo important. It is truly a historic event. I have decided to keep a journal with me at all times to record the new dawning of change and hope in America as we elect Barack Obama as president. This is something I will give my kids to read as I reach my elderly years when I'm 40.

07:40 AM

My stinky dormmate who refuses to help Obama is giving me dirty looks again. I wonder sometimes if he has ear problems because he puts on his ear phones everytime I start my day playing the positive mesage of love that is the 'Yes, we can!' song. For some odd reason everytime I get home I can't find my copy of 'Yes, we can!' and I have to download it all over again. That's eight times this week.

09:20 AM

What a treat! I checked my PO box and my shipment of 250 Obama 'Change!' bumper stickers has arrived. Time to spread the hope. I still have about 30 Obama lawn signs so it looks like I have my work cut out for me today.

10:22 AM

Oh no! While taking down another icky Ron Paul lawn sign and putting up the better Obama sign a terrible thing happened. A women in the house accidently threw a pan full of spaghetti out the window and it hit me. Doesn't she have a garbage disposal? I guess she just wanted to feed all the hungry animals wandering around outside. Kinda sad. I'll never get these stains out of my new Che Guevara shirt.

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Ron Paul '08: A Primary vs Caucus Results Case Study

No serious political observer ever believed that Ron Paul had a real chance to win the Republican nomination for President in 2008. Ron Paul was always destined to be a spirited also ran. But one thing Ron Paul was clarly able to do was gather a very enthusiastic and determined group of followers around him who were willing to go to extrordinary lengths in their attempt to win Ron Paul the Republican nomination. I decided to review the election results for the Republican contests using February 5th as a snap shot in time baseline, while Mitt Romney was still in the race and Republicans still had 4 contenders actively fighting for the nomination. I wanted to see if there was any noticable difference in how Ron Paul, with his highly motivated core base of support, performed in Primary vs Caucus contests. This is what I found.

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2008 Campaign Weekly Roundup (February 4-8, 2008)

[Republished from]

A roundup for February 3-8 on the Democratic side...

  • Super Tuesday Results:
    • Hillary Clinton won Arizona, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and Tennessee.
    • Barack Obama won Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah.
    • The winner of New Mexico is yet to be determined, but with 99% of precincts reporting Hillary Clinton is currently ahead by 1,123 votes.
  • Delegate Standings Projections (including superdelegates):
    • Hillary Clinton: 1076
    • Barack Obama: 1006
  • The Obama campaign has stepped up its argument that if Hillary Clinton is the nominee elected Democratic officials in conservative areas may suffer from a backlash by sending out a mailer that blames the Clintons for Democratic losses between during the 90's and the 2000 election.
  • The Clinton campaign clashes with MSNBC and just two days after TPM asks"Is Obama Being Hurt By MSNBC And His Other Media Worshippers?"
  • Debatarama: Hillary Clinton challenges Obama to a debate a week (including one on Fox News) between now and March 4.  After some back forth, the campaigns eventually agreed to hold two debates - one in Ohio and one in Texas.
  • Obama campaign pushes for the release of Hillary Clinton's tax returns.  When pressed on this issue during a press conference call, Clinton Communications Director obfuscated by asking "When will Senator Obama release the complete details of his relationship with Tony Rezko?"
  • Barack Obama picks up Washington's Governor Chris Gregoire; Clinton gets Rep. Norm Dicks.
  • Fund Race: Following reports that Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million dollars, the Obama campaign used this information to kick off a fundraising blitz, which the Clinton campaign countered.  Now that the dust has cleared, the totals so far since Super Tuesday show Obama with an edge, but Hillary Clinton isn't getting blown away:
    • Barack Obama: Over $7.5 million (figures disclosed yesterday, so this number is sure to be higher now)
    • Hillary Clinton: About $8 million; 75,000 new donors (figures disclosed today)
  • Bill Clinton promises to be nice going forward, clarifies his role in a Hillary Clinton administration; JW criticizes.

A roundup for February 3-8 on the Republican side...

  • Super Tuesday Results:
    • John McCain won Arizona, California, Connecticu, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Oklahoma.
    • Mitt Romney won Alaska, Colorad, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Utah.
    • Mike Huckabee won Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia.
  • Delegate Standing Projections:
    • John McCain: 724
    • Mitt Romney: 281
    • Mike Huckabee: 196
    • Ron Paul: 14
  • Mitt Romney suspended his presidential campaign on February 6 and noted that he was motivated in part out of concern that continuing his quest would help get Obama or Clinton elected, which would mean surrender to terrorists (Romney's argument).
  • Fred Thompson endorsed John McCain and called on the rest of the party to get behind McCain.
  • Mike Huckabee promises to carry on with his campaign and demonstrated his commitment to the trail by appearing as a guest on the Tyra Banks Show (you have respect anyone that wants something so bad that they're willing to sit across from Tyra for an hour...shudder).
  • James Dobson backed Mike Huckabee; Huckabee's connection to televangelist Kenneth Copeland are likely to be the subject of a Senate investigation into Copeland's ministry (we blogged about Huckabee's connection to Copeland in late January).
  • Ron Paul's blimp was grounded after being vandalized.
  • Question: Ron Paul making a third party run?  Answer: No.
  • Cindy McCain taken to task on her "grudge list" among other things.

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Worst. R-LOVE-ution. Ever.

Aside from a stunning 3rd place showing of 17% in Alaska, Ron Paul was stuck with being the 5% fringe candidate on Super Tuesday.

I'm not certain what Ron Paul or his supporters are looking for, but they are certainly not going to find it in the Republican Party.  His run made waves and got the Internet buzzing, and even raised a lot of cash, but this is the end for Ron Paul.  He couldn't even win Alaska, which Paul supporters claimed would be an easy win.

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