Nevada Ron Paul Gang To Sue Their Own Busted Party

Could it get worse for the NV GOP? Well, yeah. Their wieners could fall off.

Sorry about that. It's the worst thing Zeke can think of. I am a Bad Man.

But with the GOP's 3rd attempt at a State Convention spinning down in flames (Just like Zeke Said So 6 weeks ago), and the Ron Paul gang suing the Party over their plan to APPOINT National Delegates, things are REALLY bad.

Oh yeah, Obama is now ahead of McCain in the Nevada Polls.

And Jill Derby outraised their SITTING Congressman, Dean "Vanilla OutKast" Heller in the 2nd Quarter.

Also Jim "Lost Puppy" Gibbon's approval ratings are approaching PI.

And Zeke is STILL posting this comedic zany picture of their weak ass candidate.

Yeah things are VERY Bad for the NV GOP. Maybe they should just stop trying completely.
They are trying, right?

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Adios, Ron Paul

Well, he's not completely out, but the Republican Texas lawmaker will officially end his bid for the presidency at a rally outside of the state's GOP convention next week.  He remains in as an advocate of sorts for libertarian-focused conservatives in local districts nationwide, as part of the "Campaign For Liberty." ABC News confirms his exit:

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A chance to turn Operation Chaos on it's head

Redacted (note to self alread on the symposium)

(UPDATED) A focus on the future, good news from the right


Mitt Romney Wins Montana, McCain third

Short and quick

Romney:   38%
Paul:     25%
McCain:   22%
Huckabee: 15%

So yeah, our front runner isn't the only one who loses late primaries.

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