Ron Paul Insurgency

Ron Paul has thousands of netroots activists, that's for sure. Today, check out the Alexa ratings, where his website traffic has surpassed both Obama and Clinton, for the most traffic (that Clinton pulled ahead of Obama is also of note, as is that Obama's share of traffic has been steadily falling since his Feb announcement):

Over on YouTube, as of 9:59 a.m. ET today, Congressman Ron Paul has passed everyone, and now has the most YouTube subscribers of all presidential candidates -- Republican and Democratic.
Ron Paul        - 5,679
Barack Obama    - 5,678
Hillary Clinton - 2,998
John Edwards    - 2,750
Mitt Romney     - 1,977
The third Republican debate is June 5th on the Saint Anselm College campus in Manchester, NH. CNN is hosting it, with Wolf Blitzer and WMUR & Union Leader moderators. If Ron Paul is going to gain traction anywhere aside from the internet, it's gonna be in New Hampshire, where there's a strong independent vote ticked off about the war that leans Republican, a very strong libertarian "live free" mentality that abhors taxes, and that he is also 100% pro-life makes him acceptable to the theocons as well.

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Republicans vs Ron Paul

Ron Paul, after he said in the GOP debate, "Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we've been over there. We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years," was attacked by a Republican chorus.

The GOP chairman in Michigan has called to ban Ron Paul from all future Republican debates.

Then today, Zogby releases a poll that shows Ron Paul zooming ahead of over half the other Republicans running for President, at 3% now.

But this is precious. Last week, Ron Paul won the Republican PJ media's straw poll event, over-taking movement conservative baldy Fred Thompson. So what does Pajamas do?  They ban Ron Paul from participation in their online poll this week, no longer including him.

You can tell why libertarians no longer vote Republican.

Update [2007-5-17 21:23:51 by Jerome Armstrong]:I see, they are referring to the recent Gallup poll for the choices-- but funny how I looked back and they haven't been doing so at all to date for any of the candidates they list. Ron Paul will be back!

On another note, what did you vote for Hillary's song? I voted for "right here right now" by jesus jones, a song from '91 that I loved back then, just after being in Eastern Europe in the late '80's. I listed to a few of the others to choose for Hillary's campaign song... probably "Suddenly I See" wins. The important thing to consider, in making your vote, is realizing that every vendor/consultant/staffer will have to listen to the song over and over again while making a call to the campaign hq's, so keep them in mind-- We Can.

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Opportunity: destroy Giuliani and a central myth of the GWOT framework [Updated w/ video]

We have a real strategic opportunity here. Rudy Giuliani has put all his eggs in the 9/11 basket, and, though he has no f'ing clue what he is talking about, he keeps saying you can't be President if you don't "understand" the terrorist threat, suggesting that his "experience" as mayor of NYC on September 11, 2001 makes him uniquely qualified to become president. Leaving aside for the moment that this is akin to saying "I got my ass kicked last week so I have the experience necessary to teach Karate classes" -- he showed a huge achilles heel last night when said he'd never heard anything as "absurd" as the claim that al Qaeda seeks to kill Americans because of our foreign policy toward Muslim nations and the middle east in particular.

We all know that's wrong, but we've never had a great vessel to attack it. The notion that al Qaeda hates us because of our freedom is a frame at the heart of the GWOT/Security State frame, leaning toward the notion that anything which pisses off al Qaeda os further proof of how awesome we are. Further, just as John Edwards (and Jim Webb, and others) have said that the phrase GWOT unites Arabs and Muslims against us, the notion that jihadists hate our freedom makes it seem as if anything we do will engender hatred from Muslims, and so we can never stop fighting them until they establish a global Caliphate, or we kill every last one of them.

Conveniently enough, Osama bin Laden himself wrote his reasons for jihad against the United States in a 1998 fatwah (excerpted in the extended entry), and he cites three principle reasons, all of which are due to our foreign policy regarding Muslim states (and Israel). If we can successfully inform the public debate on this issue, we can severely discredit Rudy Giuliani; we can make a fundamental change in the discourse; we can encourage other presidential candidates to follow in Edwards's footsteps by refusing pervasive GWOT frames; and we can probably even help non-Hillary Democratic candidates in the process. Follow below for the facts.

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New Lifetime Voting Ratings: Part I: '08 Pres. Contenders

Frist diary ever!  Also, cross-posted with Daily Kos, but I thought the folks at MyDD would find this interesting.  I'm looking at the updated voting records amongst those in Congress.  What I do (and have done for the last 3 years) is take the lifetime voting ratings of two organizations, Americans for Democratic Action, and the American Conservative Union, and average their ratings to come up with what I consider something close to a definitive vote ratking for all members of Congress.  This aims to show how liberal, moderate or conservative a given member of Congress is.

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ACTION: Picking our next president systematically and with data

Cross posted at dKos. This is my first diary here, but I'm fairly prolific at dKos. I wrote this primarily for that audience, but I'd love to have the help of anyone here as well.

I have a major project I'd like to undertake here, but I'm not at all equipped to handle it myself. I'm not even the best person to take charge of it -- I can easily think of several dozen kossacks who would do a better job than I could. But I have this idea to make things easier for all of us and help with the 2008 election effort, and so I would like to ask for anyone who is willing and able to contribute to the effort. I can't even offer much incentive (other than the improved prospect of electing a Democratic president, which ought to be enough for anyone), but since I'm known around dKos for my recipes, there will be one in the tip jar for anyone who gets that far.

Like it or not, even though the next presidential election is still nearly 22 months away, the campaign is already upon us. The first Democratic debate of the campaign is just over three months away, and we have a number of declared and undeclared candidates.

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