It's Official - It's Obama vs. the GOP

The writer is a regular contributor to this website (at least in the past month).  He has never been on Jeopardy, but Old Movies and Dirty Tricks would definitely be his favorite categories.

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Mitt Romney is today's Aaron Burr

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After the flip, I will explain why the Mittster is a fellow traveler of the world's first door-to-door campaigner. ...

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New Video parodies the Republican frontrunners

Truth is, the Republican field is pretty weak right now and I think we need to remind people of that every chance we get.  I've got a new video that highlights the particular character flaw of each of the Republican frontrunners (and it ain't pretty).  Feel free to pass it on to friends and neighbors.  Here's the link:

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Romney: Too Rich For My Blood

Via Marc Ambinder we find this fund raising appeal from the Romney campaign:
So today I'm announcing a special opportunity to join me for a celebration at a Major League Baseball game, including box seats and all travel expenses paid. I know my Dad is so proud of his supporters across the country, and it would mean a lot to me to thank you personally. How do you qualify? Anyone who contributes $100 to our campaign by Tuesday, June 12th will be entered to win two tickets to join me at the game.
Mind you, this isn't a night at the ball park with Mitt "making-it-up-as-I-go" Romney, but instead his son Tagg. Pardon my slight digression. Now, please, contrast that to this recent Edwards appeal:
We're closing in our goal of 10,000 contributions by John's birthday, Sunday, June 10th...If you can give at least $6.10, we'll send you Bobbie Edwards' delicious family recipe for pecan pie so we can all share a slice together on John's birthday.
Or this from Obama:
In the next week, four donors will be selected for a new kind of fundraising dinner. If you make a donation in any amount between now and 11:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, June 13, you could join Barack and three other supporters for an intimate dinner for five.
It would be too easy, to Tagg tag this one up to Republicans being out of touch and appealing to those in the upper-crust (though that may have had a hand in things here). So let's look at this from a fund raising perspective. My guess is that the Romney campaign thought that the ask wasn't too high in relation to the prize--boxseats & Tagg--which I suppose makes some sense. But still if I, being a college student and all, was a Romney supporter, $100 is certainly too rich for my blood. It's also important to note that this is from the Republican's best fundraiser thus far. Alternatively, both the Edwards and Obama appeals set the bar for participation pretty low, which I imagine, maximizes the number of possible contributors. Particularly in a really long campaign season, it seems to me, that a lot of small appeals are better than a few big appeals. It's for this reason, I think, that Democrats will continue do well in fundraising.



Romney does look authoritative and presidential as he delivers his misleading responses. Call it the anti-Fred Thompson look. However, isn't Romney too slick by half, and too much the plastic Ken doll?

Debate "winner": again, Fred Thompson


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