SUSA's new Iowa poll: CLINTON ahead

The latest wave of SUSA polls are not including Obama and Edwards -- so this is not to be taken as a comparison of electability, but a measure of how good things are for Democrats. For they showing quite exciting results for Hillary Clinton, who leads all Republicans in Missouri, leads all but one who she ties in Ohio, edges Rudy in Kentucky and is even competitive in Alabama. And today comes Iowa!

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News Unfiltered Digest

On News Unfiltered, the DNC says Romney's 'Jihad' Ad shows a lack of foreign policy credentials:
As part of his multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, smooth talking Mitt Romney today rolled out a new ad, entitled "Jihad," that aims to distract from his complete lack of foreign policy credentials and litany of blunders on international affairs. Unfortunately for Romney, all the ad does is expose his superficial knowledge of the threat facing our country and highlight the fact that a Romney presidency would offer four more years of President Bush's failed foreign policy.
A new poll conducted by Harris Interactive(R) shows overwhelming American support for expanding renewable fuel options:

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SurveyUSA - Democrats lead in Iowa

The latest poll from SurveyUSA has all three Democratic candidates running ahead of their Republican rivals in Iowa.

Results listed here.

  • Clinton defeats each Republican by single digits.  She tops Giuliani by 8 (50% to 42%), Thompson by 6 (50% to 44%), and Romney by 7 (50% to 43%).
  • Obama beats Giuliani by the same margin as Clinton (50% to 42%), but wins by 10 against Thompson and Romney (51% to 41% in both match-ups).
  • Edwards continues to perform the best, defeating Giuliani by 14 points (53% to 39%), Thompson by 17 points (54% to 37%), and Romney by 16 points (54% to 38%).

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SUSA polls Missouri general: Edwards way ahead!

Survey USA keeps coming out with general election polls pitching major Democrats versus major Republicans, and John Edwards keeps running way ahead of his Democratic rivals. First came news from Alabama and Kentucky. Then came Ohio.

Now, SUSA has released a poll from Missouri!

Full analysis here..

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New SUSA poll - Ohio General Election!

SUSA has just come out with a new general election poll out of Ohio. The results are all over the place. The bottom line: Edwards and Giuliani both do great.

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