Mitt Romney wins Montana



Romney 38%
Paul 25%
McCain 22%
Huckabee 15% es/results/state/#MT


McCain is SO screwed this election

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McCain's VP Weekend


Some of the News
That may be True

Weekend at McCain's

It was just a social event, insisted Senator McCain's spokesman referring to the gathering of presumed vice presidential hopefuls at McCain's secluded ranch in Sedona,Arizona. Attending were Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Meg Whitman former CEO of eBay,

According to a confidential source, the weekend proceded smoothly and amicably until the Memorial Day barbecue. As the barbecue was being served, Governor Crist laughed and smirked when Mr. Romney asked for arugula to accompany his meat, saying that this sounded very "elitist". Then Bobby Jindal took offense when Cindy McCain asked him to provide technical help for a problem with their home computer.

Finally, Mrs. McCain herself became extremely annoyed as Meg Whitman kept pointing out to Senator McCain how much he could get for several artifacts and household items by selling them on eBay. As a result, the picnic lunch ended early and the guests were dispatched to the airport.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee regretted that he was unable to attend this weekend social event.


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Obama, Romney of the left?

That is a comparison that came to me recently, Romney had a very well funded campaign and it wasn't only due to his personal fortune. The fact is that the Mormon community is very proactive at promoting (and funding) its candidates, there is nothing special about that, it is ethnic politics 101 as it is played in the US.

Obama suffers (and benefits) from "ethnic biases", on one side he receive a degree of support from his community that is WAY beyond what he should get on the issue only (this is a huge advantage that I estimate at an average of 25-30% since the black community is almost one third of the democratic base), the flip side of it was plain clear yesterday, no matter how much money he would throw, despite his aura of ineluctability and incredible coverage from the MSM, he just couldn't win Pennsylvania. "ethnic biases" will be much stronger in the majority as a whole (Rep, ind, Dem), but not as strong as in "other" minorities like Latinos, I guess everything is a contest, again, ethnic politics 101.

However, unlike Romney, the demographic and ethnical profile of the democratic primary electorate as a whole plays in his favor. That is why he will probably win the nomination. After that, all bets are off, elections are won on the margin and the difference between getting 80% and 90% of Hillary's voters may be the difference between winning and losing.

I didn't use the R word in this diary because I consider it totally inappropriate in that instance.

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Have a little fun with this candidate quiz

I know it isn't too serious, but I thought some of you might be amused by this quiz to find out which candidate you line up with most closely. It is a bit simplistic, but still fun and amusing...
For my part, I am sad to report that I apparently line up most closely with Mike Gravel. shudders quiz.html

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Mitt Romney, the new Republican Frontrunner

As a Republican Obama supporter, I am having the best of both worlds because Mitt is the new republican frontrunner having won two gold and two silvers.  With Mitt's economic conquests and financial sagacity or with Obama's vision and courage, the United State of America would be in good hands come January 2009.  Either with "Business Savvy Mitt Romney or Courageously Inspirational Barack Obama" God Bless the USA.

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