The right believes their own junk that they chew..

I happened across an article, and thought I should bear witness here to the amazing level of self deception that the right can susstain.

Here are some quotes from a March Nineth 2007 article by a conservative columnist

Most Democrats, because of overwhelming public support for the war, were politically compelled to support the Iraq war resolution. But when the war became less popular and the Democrats' anti-war base demanded accountability for the Democrats' heresy, they manufactured the fiction that the administration lied about WMD.

And then, if that were not enough..

Since the administration had not lied about Iraqi WMD - as opposed to having properly relied on the best intelligence available to it (and Democrats) - it had nothing to cover up, but it did have the right - and duty - to protect its reputation

And so, the columnist goes on to explain why the Bush administration should actively seek out and destroy covert operatives in the CIA to level the playing field against those who would hurt their reputation.

So, for the record. Does anyone know how many idiots like this columnist, actually exist? The right is an amazing thing - for an independent such as myself, a once -shining beacon of conservatism before evangelical liberalism like this .. e.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54620

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Politics in the Bedroom

Last year, Grover Norquist told a New York Times reporter that he had little trouble getting the culture warriors over at the Eagle Forum to stand with the auto industry in opposition fuel efficiency standards because "it's backdoor family planning. You can't have nine kids in the little teeny cars." Certainly, leaders on the modern American right, as well as the left, struggles with how to keep its constituent movements working constructively together, or at least keep them from actively undercutting each other.  But those struggles seem to turn out better on the right.  Arguably, that's because the right has real power to mete out amongst the groups and individuals who make it work and can therefore keep them in line.  But there's as strong a case to be made that being out of power is more unifying - that's why, in the fall of 2004, well-justified and broadlyy shared anti-Bushism made it so much easier to imagine that there really was a coherent, unified left in this country.

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"I'm As Mad As Hell"

I tend to think most of life can be understood by looking at relationships. The exchanges that occur between people tell us a lot about the mechanics of power and persuasion. It is within those mechanics where one is most likely to find the forces that influence the bulk of what takes place in society. For me to understand and explain this best, I start by looking at the fundamental relationship...a marriage or other love relationship between two people. What an individual does in these relationships is often a good predictor of their actions in the larger society.

As I've watched these relationships over the years, one equation has piqued my attention. It's what I would call the accommodator phenomenon. In this model, one can usually determine which partner does the majority of the accommodating in order to make the relationship functional. Granted, this is an oversimplification, but I think its one that holds up to the analysis. This accommodation can be subtle or it can be pronounced...but it is often the defining characteristic of the relationship.

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FL-22: Tea Party Favorite Allen West Outraising Rep. Ron Klein

In the gerrymandered Florida Twenty-Second Congressional District that runs up the coastline of South Florida from northern Broward County to the northern end of Palm Beach County dashing inland to include pockets of Boca Raton, Oakland Park and Cooper City, the race in the Fall pits two term Democratic Congressman Ron Klein in a rematch against Lt. Colonel Allen West, who resigned from the Army in 2003 after he plead guilty to violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice in the interrogation of Yehiya Kadoori Hamoodi, an Iraqi police officer.

According to the official investigation and by West's own admission, he walked into an interrogation room brandishing a weapon. If Yehiya Kadoori Hamoodi didn't talk, West told him, then West would have to kill him. The detainee insisted he knew nothing about an assassination plot against him and other US troops. Lt. Colonel West then allowed two of the men under his command to beat the man. The detainee was then dragged outside, supposedly for his execution. But West fired over the detainee's head. At that point, the detainee gave West information that may or may not have been helpful -- the detainee told the New York Times that he made something up just to save his life. Colonel West also testified that he did not know whether "any corroboration" of a plot was ever found, adding: "At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It's possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi."

In the eyes of the American right, such brutality is to be glorified and Lt. Colonel West quickly became an "American hero" celebrated on Fox News, the National Review, Town Hall, Free Republic, Atlas Shrug and other right wing outlets. In 2008, West who moved to Deerfield Beach after leaving the Army ran for Congress against Rep. Ron Klein. Klein easily defend the seat winning 54.7 percent of the vote to West's 45.3 percent.

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