Rick-A-Thon: Let Rick Warren Raise Money for LGBT Equality at Obama's Inauguration

Driving Equality is hosting a Rick-A-Thon to turn Rick Warren's anti-equality stance into positive change for LGBT people. Every second that Warren stands at the podium, he will be raising money to advance LGBT civil rights. (Pledge Online)

Rick Warren, a staunch opponent of equal rights for LGBT people, has used his pulpit to spread lies about LGBT families and to raise money for anti-gay legislation, such as proposition 8, which stripped equal marriage rights away from same-sex couples. When Warren takes the stage on Inauguration Day, however, he will be raising thousands of dollars to advance LGBT equality across the country.

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The Bigots I Love

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I moved away from my small hometown in West Virginia more than seven years ago and vowed never to return for anything other than a visit. Less than two weeks ago, I made such a visit under very unpleasant circumstances--to say goodbye to a dying relative. At her funeral, I was reunited with family and old friends I hadn't seen in many years. Most of them were from the evangelical church I attended as a child. We hugged and kissed and prayed and through the tears, tried to catch up and pledged to keep in touch. I love those people and they love me. And most of them are bigots.

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Mr President elect do the only right thing!

I am not asking President elect Obama to change his position on same sex marriage but I am requesting the constitutional scholar Obama to step forward and ask his attorney general to file a friend of court brief along with the AG of California.

I find it totally unfair  that people who are not affected
in any way, people who have no stake in the outcome were allowed to vote on prop 8.

Even though I believe that same sex marriages should be legal I feel that I should not be allowed to vote on the issue because I am not gay and as such I will not be impacted in any way by same sex marriage. It is like asking a resident of Alabama to decide a tax issue in Illinois.

I think the fundamental question is "relevance".

I would like to ask the Same sex marriage opposing first African American president elect as to how he would have felt if all civil rights issues pertaining to African Americans were decided by holding referendums in the old south?

Hopefully he would not hide behind the excuse of "States rights". I have always supported and voted for Obama  and I am hoping that he would not disappoint. This is the least he could do after his Rick Warren fiasco.

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When will the left cut Obama some slack?

Ever since Obama selected Rick Warren to give the Invocation at his Inauguration there has been a mad storm of backlash by the left. Folks, why are we hating on a man who has shown more inclusiveness than any other destined-to-be-president? This inclusiveness is proven by the fact that he would select a man so completely different from himself to give the Invocation.

Am I happy about his choice, ABSOLUTELY not! In many ways I feel like this is a slap directly in my face as a gay teenager. But I am willing to forgive Obama as I realize part of being open minded is being willing to listen to those who oppose us.

In order to bridge the cultural divide in America you must be willing to reach out to people that may not be like you, or think like you. That doesn't mean you have to agree with them, but this must do this if Obama wants to gain more support from the right wing. I know firsthand that many on the right wing still haven't warmed up to him. Living with two parents, in Illinois of all places, that still view the man as a "Socialist Muslim" proves my point. No amount of convincing will ever change their opinions, but seeing Obama reach out to people on "their side" might soften their views a bit. If this is what it takes for people (like my parents) to be more welcoming to Obama then so be it.

Even though people view this decision as a slap in the face, it could actually benefit the GLBT community in the end. I honestly don't believe Obama has abandon us, he is just trying to shore up more support from many people who have vehemently opposed him. Obviously if people on the right see Obama as understanding to the views of all Americans and willing to listen to them they might also be more welcoming to a progressive Pro-Gay agenda. What could be better than that? Maybe we wouldn't see as much Prop. 8 crap in the future!

While I am unhappy with this choice, I realize the benefits it creates could far outweigh the apparent sting of a bitch slap we're feeling right now. Having people on the far right as friends is better than having them as enemies, and that I believe is what the Obama administration is seeking to achieve.

So what do you say folks? Can we move on from this issue? I haven't seen anything by the president-elect otherwise to show he has given up his promise to reach out to the GLBT community. He's just using this stunt as a political tactic to show his ability to reach out to the other side. While I don't like this tactic at all, I do believe it benefits us in the end. So let's move on.

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Most Evangelicals Think You're Almost As Bad as Pedophiles

Yep, they really do.  Not every single one of them, but certainly most of them.  If you're gay you're a sinner but you're a sinner of the worst sort to them.  You may be one of God's creatures but you're certainly one of the evil ones.  That's how millions of evangelicals see you gay folks.

Rick Warren isn't unusual in this respect.  He is a part of a movement that is defined, in part, by it's focus on the evils of homosexuality.  He didn't create this meme, nor has he done particularly much to further it.  Yes, he has done some, but generally without ardor.  To this agnostic Jew, it's pretty obvious he thinks there are more important issues.

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