Professing Ignorance: Pennachio Hearts Santorum

Chuck Pennachio is either a complete fool or a Santorum tool. How else can you explain the blithering nonsense that Adam B points to over at Daily Kos? But first, queue the violin music, cause this here is a Penanchio-Santorum love fest (the stuff in italics is me inserting words Chuck wanted to express but couldn't because his heart runith over):
For those of you who wonder about Santorum, yes, he's got an easy smile, he's very engaging, and he's personable. He also has a chiseled chin, sumptuous lips, and eyelashes that set my heart on fire every time he winks approvingly at me and my campaign. One on one, he's charming and has a genuine gift for retail politics. These are the skills that make him a formidable opponent and, unlike that big meany, Bob Casey, a wonderful human being.  It's not until he starts talking (and legislating) ideas that things get scary. So scary that I jump right in his arms and beg him to hold me in his strong protective grasp!
Yes, it's love, and no, it's not pretty.
But the most dangerous thing about Rick Santorum as a candidate other than that hypnotic sparkle in his eyes that screams "OBEY ME!!!" is that he's not above the process -- he's willing to submit himself and his ideas to the voters for inspection just as I'm willing to submit to his overwhelming mental superiority.  In that way, he's actually a lot more honorable and a lot more respectful than Bob Casey, Jr who won't even sob, sob return a single one of my calls sob, sob.  Santorum's got an opponent; he's offering to debate; he's unafraid, and lord knows that what America needs is men who are dumb as a rock and unafraid to keep making the same mistakes, over and over and over and...
In all seriousness, Chuck Pennachio has just proved, once and for all, that you don't have to be particularly intelligent to run a vanity campaign for Senate. I wonder- what will it take for his fantasy fueled fanatic supporters to realize that they are being used by a campaign that stands for nothing other than the aggrandizement of a very little man's immensely inflated ego?

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Michelman for Senate in PA? Please, no!

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Something tells me she'll decide against it in the end, but it appears that Kate Michelman, the abortion rights leader, is thinking of running as a spoiler in the Pennsylvania Senate race.  Well, of course, she doesn't intend to be a spoiler, but let's not kid ourselves.

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PA-Senate: Kate Michelman to run as an Independent?

Will Kate Michelman jump into the Pennsylvania Senate race?  According the Philadelphia Inquirer, she might:

Kate Michelman, a prominent abortion-rights advocate, said yesterday that she was giving "some thought" to running as an independent in the race for a Pennsylvania seat in the U.S. Senate.

A possible candidacy by Michelman, 63, appears to have much to do with channeling frustration that some reproductive-rights activists have over the National Democratic Party's choice of Bob Casey Jr., an abortion-rights opponent, to challenge Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, who also opposes abortion rights.

Casey, 45, upset some in his party earlier this year when he came out in support of Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Casey's position prompted "maybe seven or 10 calls" from women's-rights activists and Democratic donors, asking her to consider running, said Michelman, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America from 1985 to 2004. She would not provide names.

"It is more about them wanting to express great frustration," said Michelman, who splits her time between Washington and Central Pennsylvania, where she owns a house with her husband. Top national party leaders sold Casey as someone who "will be with the Democrats in opposition to anyone who threatens, or possibly threatens, Roe v. Wade. When he endorsed Alito, that turned that on its head."

Interesting move here.  If she does this, it could help lower ticket Democrats because it will allow them to distance themselves from Casey and attract pro-choice votes.  And since Casey isn't planning to really do any campaigning or take any stands on issues aside from rubber stamping social wingnuttia and mewling about Bush is bad without explaining why, this could be a jolt in the arm for him.  Competition can be a very good motivator.

I doubt she'll jump in, so this is really a moot point.  Whatever she does, it's nice to see people like her standing up to a dishonest party leadership.  They sold Casey as a wink-wink pro-choice vote.  When he endorsed Alito, it showed that their judgment is suspect, and that they are contemptuous of women's rights.  People who care about women's rights can't allow that insult to stand.

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Political Journalism or Pro Wrestling Commentary

I've been picking on The Hotline quite a bit recently, mostly because I love their Hotline on Call blog.  One thing I don't like is the focus on horserace journalism at the expense of clarity.  For instance, there's this post by Reid Wilson:

During today's Sen Rules Cmte markup of Cmte chair Trent Lott's (R-MS) lobbying overhaul bill, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) may have helped his re-election chances while not irritating his colleagues too much.

Santorum offered four amendments to the bill, reports CongressDailyPM. Amendments to require senators to disclose with whom they are negotiating future employment deals and to restrict family members of senators from lobbying their relatives passed, but two amendments that would have given the bill some serious teeth -- measures to extend the lobbying moratorium from one year to two years and to require disclosure of flights taken on corporate jets, as well as sharing a portion of the costs of those flights -- failed by voice votes.

Santorum's effort is smart politics. With the current less-than-stellar reputation of lobbyists in DC and a minor buzz about the ethics surrounding both Santorum's and Bob Casey's (D) mortgages, being able to brag about his efforts at "real" lobbying reform in a debate -- even if the Senate fails to act on any of his amendments -- will put some much-needed distance between him and the troubled GOP caucus in DC.

Reid Wilson, are you commentator for pro wrestling or are you a political journalist?  Because pro wrestling commenters create drama around meaningless posturing, whereas political journalists explain context, history, and substance.  And I can't tell which of these you are doing here.

I guess it's just a blog post.  Still though...

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Rick Santorum's Fake Charity Scam

Last week Santorum's little House of Fake Godliness was shattered by the well-researched Will Bunch expose in THE AMERICAN PROSPECT, which reminded me of how the Cunningham scandals started unwinding almost one year ago. Cunningham was undone by some monkey-business involving a bribe plan that involved mortgage financing. And that is exactly how Santorum has been bribed by some fat cat GOP corporate types as well.

This is far from Rick Santorum's first brush with severe ethics lapses. In fact, his whole K Street Project is one of the most corrupt and insidious plots ever perpetrated against the American people by their own legislators. But on top of all this, we now find out, courtesy of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, that Santorum was running one of those fake Republican charities (just like Abramoff, DeLay, Frist and other crooks currently in limbo between plea bargaining and prison terms).

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