How Many J-Words Can Dance on the Tip of a Tongue?

CNN’s Rick Sanchez decided to go toe-to-toe with faux newser Jon Stewart and suffered the same fate as the last CNNer to do so – Tucker Carlson. However in the aftermath, we have a sort of “how many J-Words can dance on the tip of the tongue” argument brewing.

Stewart had been doing to Sanchez what he’s done to so many others for weeks – made fun of him. It’s the penalty one pays when one is famous and says dumb things. It’s all too easy for Stewart’s crack staff to find double-speak video and other public statements to hold crapweasels up to ridicule. I think Stewart’s brand of ridicule, despite its definite bite, is far less passionate than Keith Olbermann‘s skewers of the famous and inane. One gets the sense that Jon knows it’s a joke while Olbermann actually believes his targets are the Worst Persons in the World.

But then, I ain’t famous so what do I know?

Punking Yourself
If you live under the glare of studio lights and talk for a living – incessantly – you’ll punk yourself occasionally. It happens. And when it does, you have to either have a great sense of humor or develop tough skin, because the dumber you are, the more you’ll be held up to ridicule. Exhibits A-D, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Christine O’Donnell, and Sharron Angle, et al.

Sanchez’s skin is apparently as thin as John McTheusela’s, as is the skin of Sanchez’s CNN overlords. Sanchez let the J-Bombs fly, CNN fired him, he apologized to Stewart soon after and Jon and Rick rode into the sunset, at least if not BFFs, OK with things. And, Christopher Hitchens takes up Sanchez’s cause.

Hitchens? Really? Famous crusading atheist? Has cancer?

One in the same.

Hitchens argues that Sanchez’s anti-Jewish statements are literally true. Despite the anti-semitic overtones, he says Jews (along with white Christians) actually are disproportionately represented in media and entertainment boardrooms. To Hitchens, Sanchez simply stated a fact no more problematic than saying African Americans are under-represented. And as boneheaded as Hitchens often is, he has a point. But, it was never about THAT point and it isn’t a necessarily a socially polite thing to say.

It all boils down to a “who can safely say the N-word, or in this case, the J-word”. Sure, Sanchez was unbelievably stupid, but if we’re going to fire every TV personality who’s stupid, TV would consist of lots of HD snow and annoying test pattern buzz.

But, you could make an argument that would be an improvement.

Not a White Supremacist Candidate
I personally find Sanchez annoying and I suspect his assumed anti-semitism may be real to some degree, although, barring any information to the contrary,  I’m not so sure he’d be a good candidate for your neighborly white supremacist enclave.

I don’t condone what he said. In fact, I don’t think it is as literally true as Hitchens does either. But, I’m not sure if it’s a firing offense when put in context.

Sanchez did the right thing in calling Stewart to apologize – though he wimped out by letting his wife announce it to the public on Facebook. Everyone might have been better served if the apology was both personal and public. A true mea culpa with some teeth – perhaps a show or series of shows devoted to anti-semitism coupled with some work with Jewish charities and up close and personal exposure to Jewish people. The Jewish religion believes in atonement, a earthly one to be sure, but atonement nonetheless.

If Sanchez refused to do these things, if his superiors had to co-opt him to do them – in a very public way – they, and those calling for his resignation, would have every right to say, “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Or, if he did it again, ala Mel Gibson, away with him. No one has to cut the man some slack and some believe no one should.

But we might all learn a little about ourselves and each other if we did.

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New CNN Ad Bodychecks Fox News Lies

Oh snap: "Fox News, distorting not reporting." It's quite sad that these petty squabbles pass for journalism in this day and age, but I think the glee I feel at watching a mainstream outlet call out Fox News' lies more than balances out that sadness.

I've always been more partial to Al Franken's line, "We Distort, You Deride."More anti-Fox rhetoric from CNN, ABC, and more here. Like, say, Rick Sanchez ranting below the jump. Seriously, I'm more of an MSNBC guy, but it's a pretty sweet rant.

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Reverend Wright is bringing out the weasels

I cracked up tonight watching CNN (the only cable news network to cover the speech live).  Rick Sanchez brought Durbin and some Clinton super delegate with the last name Schultz.  I really wanted to know how the campaigns were going to react to the speech.  Turns out that both representatives came across as evasive weasels - sorry.

Durbin was asked first to comment and he moves right into the canned statement the campaign has been giving about Wright for a month now.  Sanchez interrupted to ask him about tonight's speech, and it turns out that... Durbin didn't hear it, other than a few "edited" items.

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Worst Person in the World: CNN Rick Sanchez

Tonight, Rick Sanchez, had 3 panelists on his show.  Two
Obama supporters, and one McCain supporter.

Absent, was a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Sanchez led one discussion by repeating an undisclosed source
in the news, who said that Hillary would have
to "Tanya Harding" Obama ie bash his kneecaps, in order to win.

All three of the panelists agreed that Clinton was doing just
that to Obama.  And that she was bashing him mercilessly.

Without giving any examples, of course.  Because she isn't.

The discussion continued on Hillary's cruel, amitious nature, at which
juncture I cut off the tube.

OK.  Any suggestions on what HRC supporters can do to get it through
CNN's head that Campbell Brown, and Rick Sanchez tactics are unethical?

Should we drop cable altogether, because it's the only way to lose CNN.
Should we draw up a list of sponsors and start a boycott of CNN
sponsors of the Rick Sanchez?

This is the kind of thing that Fox news used to do.  CNN always seemed
to try to "appear" more respectable.  It looks like not any more.

Without a doubt this is hurting Clinton. People really do believe crap these
sleazebags feed them. Propaganda works. That's why they do it.
If Clinton is going to win, we are going to have to let these stations know they
shape up or lose our business.

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