Richard Goodstein Gone Wild

CT Bob has a longer and better quality version of the video.

Well well well.  Guess who showed up to the Greenwich Lamont events bearing weird signs and a dickhead attitude towards everyone, including those in the press?  Yes, our favorite lobbyist Richard Goodstein, the nice crazy man who confronted Ned Lamont in a diner with pleasing shouts and helpfully civil angry questions.

In Greenwich, hundreds of people gathered to hear Lamont speak, and that went off well.  Lamont keeps getting better and better, and the energy he generates exerts a kind of quirky and charming political gravity on those around him.  Before him, Lowell Weicker and Jim Dean talked, along with local candidates Ed Krumeich and Frank Farricker. Krumeich spoke and reminded everyone that he hadn't seen Joe in Greenwich for anything but a fundraiser for eighteen years.  There were snow cones, and the weather wasn't quite as oppressively hot as it has been for the past week.  The press corps is getting bigger; George Stephanapoulos showed up, and there was a film crew from Boston doing some filming.

In terms of the Lieberkidz and their confrontational attitude, there was some minor scuffling at the event and some obnoxious signs, but it was good Richard who was the main attraction on that front.  He couldn't help but put himself in front of the cameras with his sign that, and I'm paraphrasing here, called Bill Clinton a real Democrat and Al Sharpton a divisive Democrat.  You can see it in the video.  It's somewhat shitty quality because I'm taking video with my digital camera and it's mostly meant for still photography, but the end of the clip gives you a sense of who Goodstein is.  He's talking to a journalist, and totally flips out.

You can find a full picture tour of the event here. I met Lowell Weicker and ate snowcones.

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Richard Goodstein: A look at the history behind yesterday.

I realize that Richard Goodstein is a non-issue in this race. The fact that the Lieberman campaign would endorse the actions of Goodstein and his crew are definitely something that should be part of the public debate, but the man himself is inconsequential. That being said, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at who he is, and what his presence in the Lieberman camp might indicate.

From being a mole in the Mondale campaign to serving as a paid operative of the Clinton administration, Goldstein has never been one to shy away from the dirty side of politics. But the one thing that is notable about what I found out is this: He may play dirty, but he doesn't have a very good track record of winning races.

Let's take a look...

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Will the Press Pick up Jennifer Manes's Big Scoop?

Jennifer Manes, a reporter for the Record-Journal, got the scoop on the pro-Joe posse going after Ned at Ted's Restaurant.

The air inside Ted's Restaurant was almost as stifling as the heat outside Thursday afternoon when supporters of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman clashed with Ned Lamont, leaving the Democratic challenger briefly bewildered.  

Lieberman supporters piled into every booth at the tiny eatery and snatched up every seat at the counter roughly a half-hour before Lamont's scheduled arrival. As he walked down the sidewalk from Sherman Avenue, they threw on white Lieberman T-shirts and waited. Moments later, Lieberman supporters pounced.  

Initially Lamont appeared stunned by the ambush. However, he remained composed throughout the ordeal. Lamont  attempted to answer each question and made an effort to shake many of his opponent's supporters' hands at the second of two campaign stops in the city Thursday. After both sides sparred for several minutes, Lamont left the restaurant without ever sampling one of Ted's famous steamed cheeseburgers.  


"We were coming just to show him a local business and you hide in there and put your shirts on at the last moments. It's childish," said Millie Torres-Ferguson to a Lieberman supporter.  Torres-Ferguson is House Majority Leader Christopher G. Donovan's executive assistant. "It was supposed to be a laid-back event and (they) ruined it."

This is a well-done story by a reporter unafraid to write about what she saw.  Aldon read this story and found out that one of Lieberman's key heckler's was a DC lobbyist and prominent Democratic advisor, which adds a new and important wrinkle to the story.  Lieberman is calling in his base, but his base is in DC on K-Street, not Connecticut.   That's a critical part of the Lieberman-Lamont narrative, and Jennifer Manes was there to witness it.  Kudos.

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