A Double Dose of Poison

In a recent Diary called "The View From Ferraro's District," the author writes with some sensitivity about the people in Geraldine Ferraro's district.  We are told that it is a "middle class Italian, Irish and Jewish-American community;" the people there are at least  40% "white, Italians" but there are also "Filipinos..., Hispanics, West Indians, Polish, Irish, and Arab...and one pro-Clinton African-American family." They are "good people... anti-war, pro-choice, homosexuality doesn't bother us," and they don't like Bush.  The author observes that "there is excitement for Hillary Clinton, or no one at all. Obama didn't even crack 30% here."

And then, the point of that Diary:  After Ferraro's comments "the whole community seemed to rise up and scream 'Thank you Congresswoman, at least somebody had the gall to say it!'"  The author concludes that these people are racists, not "blatant racist," but "much more the feeling that minorities get special treatment because of other people's racism." I respectfully disagree.  I think the author is looking down on those people, patronizing them, as if their feelings are not valid.  But their grievances are real and so is their pain, and I do not think they are racists, blatant or any other kind.

Many "liberals" have fallen into the habit of assuming that all statements about race are racist.  This is why allegations of "political correctness" have teeth.  People can see with their own eyes that it ain't so, and it makes them distrust the whole liberal agenda.

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