The politics of Battlestar Galactica and the real world

I just love it when people take movies and TV shows and take them to the next level. When I first looked at the philosophy section of my local Barnes and Noble a year ago I saw a book on the philosophy of the Matrix. Matter of fact I remember reading some essays in the same vein on the Matrix website.

But, now about one of my favorite shows ( there is not many I hardly watch tv ) on television.

The unofficial Battlestar Galactica blog has this post up about the politics of the show as it relates to the real world. Just imagine having to deal with what they deal with on the show! Somehow I think the human race fighting against being enslaved, dominated, and eventually eradicated by machines would unite all religions and all races ( I'd hope ). But this is reality and we have Republicans who use race, class, gender, religion, and sexual orientation to divide us.

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The Hill: House Republicans could see 10 to 15 more retirements

House Republicans could see 10 to 15 more retirements

Looks like the idea of having someone to run in every district is a good one.

Read what "The Hill" has to say about it today:

"House Republicans have limited most of their retirements to conservatives in solidly red districts and a handful of statewide-office seekers, but political analysts say 10 to 15 more Republicans could announce in the coming months that they are stepping down.

With the president's approval ratings between 35 and 40 percent, the unrest in Iraq and GOP scandals still problems for Republicans in polls, the number of possible Democratic pickups looks to be growing."


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Now Is The Time

There is a time for diplomacy.  

There are times, especially when there is an over-riding threat to the common good, where well-intentioned people of radically different ideologies can come together to set aside differances and work together for the elimination of a common foe that threatens all.  These are times where a combination of situational difficulties combined with an uncommon willingness on the part of all parties to co-operate can lead to inspiring accords that transcend the (seemingly) petty issues of the day and embrace a wider perspective.  

Now is not that time.

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America's One and One-half Party System

Is reform needed? I believe not. It isn't reform that is needed, but a major overhaul: one that could get this nation closer to democracy and humanity, and away from empire-building and insensitive behavior toward other nations/peoples.

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A Permission Slip for Republicans

Since the divide between being an American and a Republican is as great as the divide between democracy and totalitarian fascism, I propose that all these Republicans who support warrantless wiretapping, torture, deprivation of legal council, and unlimited executive powers put their name on the dotted line. Why not start a signature drive whereby these Republican patriots prove their allegiance to their leader by waiving the very rights they so venomously oppose. I suggest a form like this, designed to look like an "official" party document mailed to each registered Republican in a manner consistent with "official" party correspondence with a tracking number and a reminder that they are being watched:

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