Republican, Sen. Grassley, proposes taxing lobbyists

Check this out! 2006-06-27-pimps-taxes_x.htm

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and you thought they were wasting time with the flag burning amendment...

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wizbang politics

I think I found a decent blog that allows comments on the conservative side. I don't want us to flood it or anything, but there seems to be some modicum of reason and intelligence at Wizbang. Anyone who wants to engage the other side on issues is more than welcome to give it a whirl.

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Why I Left the Republican Party

I was hatched from a Republican egg. My mother's people were Republican. My father's people were Republican. Mix in from both sides some military service, business ownership, and a Waspish stew of religious and conservative financial values, and Republicanism was inevitable.

I grew up around a dinner table where world events and issues of public policy were routinely discussed, always in compassionate conservative voices. Karl Rove did not invent the phrase compassionate conservative. My parents did, by the example of their lives. And in my opinion, associating the Bush administration with that term is tantamount to claiming the sky is fuschia.

Reliable, hard workers, conservative in behavior, religion, and money management, they cared very much about their fellow man. Without fanfare or self-aggrandizement of any sort, they quietly supported, with their time and middle-income all manner of public and private efforts to raise levels of education in the inner-city, end poverty, hunger, disease. And they cared about the environment long before it was on the popular-issue radar, surprising given my father's career was in gas and oil. He repeatedly stated we were running out of both.

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!Ay Carramba! Georgia Republican Runs From Immigration Debate HE SCHEDULED!

Dios mio!  Georgia Congressman Tom Price, was a no show for a district immigration debate HE scheduled.  Even worse, he sent his Campaign Manager to LIE and say he was meeting with war veterans, however, he was photographed shaking hands at a community forum up the street. rumors/tom-price-liar-liar-liar

Despite Price's no-show, Democrat Steve Sinton and Republican challenger John Konop held a spirited debate on immigration, education, the economy, gas prices, and jobs. and

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Dignity's Apostle: My Interview With Author Robert W. Fuller

The diary below was originally posted earlier today on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

Progressives are struggling to synthesize a movement that can rise above identity politics and mobilize people under a unified theme. Robert W. Fuller, Ph.D. argues in his newly published book, All Rise (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.), that simple dignity is an elusive need that cuts across demographics of race, gender, age, and class. Fuller attributes this void to a culture of "rankism" which he defines as "abuses of power associated with rank." In his writings Fuller advocates for a grassroots effort to establish a "dignitarian society."

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