We, The People...

We, the people... In order to end this partisan bickering and hatred, must unite once again to form a more perfect union!

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Microcosms for Change

I was at a BBQ the other day, and the conversation, as it often does, circled around to politics. After we talked about Lamont, the midterms, etc, someone said:

"Well, in San Francisco, we live in a bit of a bubble. It's hard to tell what's going on in the rest of the country." This woman piped up and said "Well, actually, my entire Michigan family has voted Republican forever. Of my eight immediate family members who voted Republican in 2002, only one voted Republican in 2004. And now, not only are they not voting Republican, but they're rabidly anti-Republican. In their small, conservative town, they've formed a group to help unseat the GOP. There's only 13 members, but they're plugging away. I swear, everytime I see them, all they talk about is defeating the bastards. They're all old school Republicans, against abortion but pro-choice, fiscally conservative, Christians. But Bush pushed them too far."

When I hear stories like that, I think how brilliant Howard Dean's every state strategy is. 13 people in some small town who can be formed into a political force that never existed before. Mainstream Democrats don't realize the tidal wave that's forming. Lieberman was the first Dem to be swept into the tide. Like the Republican "revolution" of the '80s, there is an ache for change in people you wouldn't normally identify as Democrats. I'll never forget Neil Young saying he voted for Reagan. He said he responded to the positivity and forcefulness of Reagan. Democrats who can woo the equivalent in the Republican party, people looking for leadership without regard to party, will be the politicians who ride this wave.

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Politically Correct

My Yahoo360 friend, Coach, sent me this:

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Where Will They Keep Us All?

The right wing nuts are already calling us "insurgents" so how big a leap does it take to think they will soon be calling us "terrorists?" Perennial gasbag Newt Gingrich is calling supporters of Ned Lamont who won against Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut democratic primary - insurgents.  Where does it go from here?

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Now THIS Should Be Interesting; Andy Hurst Slams Tom Davis

From the Hurst for Congress campaign comes the following press release (bolding added for emphasis):

Hurst to Hold Press Conference Tuesday, August 1

Democrat Andrew Hurst, candidate for Congress in the 11th district of Virginia, will hold a press conference at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, August 1.  Hurst will make an important announcement regarding the influence-peddling scandal surrounding his opponent, Congressman Tom Davis (R-11).

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