Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 201

Feb. 12th was the 200th anniversary of Darwin's and Lincoln's births. Yes, two of the greatest men of the 19th century were born on the exact same day. This week I discuss the ideas of both great men.

I also want to draw people's attention to a recent Daily Kos article on climate change. It is clear that the Denial Lobby continues to use the same junk science and lies, but the science is getting better and better at refuting their denial.

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A Review of Republican Failure

From the moment I realized that the Supreme Court was going to decide the election for Bush in 2000 and that Florida's elections were fraudulent, to the moment I realized Bush was warned about 9/11 before it happened but ignored it, to the moment I realized Bush also ignored the approach of Hurricane Katrina, despite warnings, to the fact that Osama bin Laden is still free and Bush honestly doesn't care about capturing him, my main emotion regarding how our country is being run has been anger. I am mad as hell at how Republicans have deliberately mismanaged this country, more interested in their own greed and self-interest than in actually governing.

As the nightmare of the Bush years nears an end, it might be worth reviewing the magnitude of the disaster his administration has been on America. This is not an all-inclusive list. There are just too many Republican failures for one person to cover.

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Forget Going for the Jugular: Rubber Chickens for Tom DeLay!

Ahem...I guess this is my second diary today. Sorry. Don't like doing that (not even sure if it is allowed on this site...if not I will immediately delete). But THIS is just too good to pass up and it is TODAY ONLY!!!!!! Only a matter hours left to participate!

Jim Dean and Democracy for America bring you RUBBER CHICKENS FOR TOM DELAY!!

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Tom DeLay's Out...Let's Go For the Jugular!

From my Target the Corrupt Republican blog

Randy Cunningham was caught red handed in his corruption. First he dropped out of his re-election bid. Then he left Congress. Now he is doing time. Now Tom DeLay was caught red handed in his corruption. Now he is dropping out of his re-election bid:

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Look Who's Pimping for Kaloogian

As of the end of December the vast majority of campaign contributions Howard Kaloogian had raised for his campaign in the CA-50 were from outside the district. Kaloogian has little traction within the north San Diego County district, simply because his right wing neo-con views and lack of identification with any of the district's issues place him far outside the mainstream.

By the end of December only 28% of Kaloogian's top 100 contributors were from the 50th District. Of that group, over one third were from six families living in Rancho Santa Fe. It certainly looks like Howard has found his sweet spot in the 50th, but Rancho Santa Fe hardly represent the interests of the district. You can check out Howard's money sources here.

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