McCain VP rollout & last day

Dang, the nation is hearing today that alongside Obama's speech tonight, that McCain will be announcing his VP pick. Apparently, his VP choice will be informed today, and announced tomorrow in Ohio at 10 AM.

No doubt, they will leak the choice in the late hours, early morning tomorrow in order to try and squash the coverage of Obama's speech. But McCain will get a pass on that swipe from the traditional media, give than the conventions are so compressed.

The McCain bus goes from PA to OH, and then over to MO on Sunday.

Their choices: Huckabee and Romney appear to be out, as they are both at a 'unity' event in MO on Sunday and announced. Lieberman, Pawlenty and Hutchinson are the ones in the running according to the rumors. Hutchinson is the one that I've thought all along is their most potent VP choice, Pawlenty is a safe blah choice, and Lieberman is a potential game-changer, but not safe, as it could go either way.

The next 24 hours are going to be crucial to the contest.

The speech last night from Bill Clinton was the best of the convention. He was on his game. Joe Biden's personal story was very compelling. John Kerry has some moments, but overall it was Clinton and Biden that owned the night. I thought the attacks against McCain were done well. The narrative against "More of the Same" is something that could be picked up by anyone running against a Republican this cycle.

The one thing I'll note, is that if McCain does choose Lieberman, they'll try and turn that against the Democrats with some bipartisan brew. I just can't imagine that Lieberman is the pick, but it would be sorta fun watching the GOP partisans swallow that pill the next week, and there would be nothing that could fire up the netroots more than Lieberman being their VP pick.

Update [2008-8-28 10:56:18 by Todd Beeton]:OK, so now McCain is denying he's made the pick.

John McCain said Thursday he had yet to decide on a running mate.

The Republican presidential candidate has a rally scheduled for Saturday in Pennsylvania, where he is expected to appear with his newly announced vice presidential choice. He said in the interview that he was bringing both former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, two of the leading names on his short list.

But he cautioned against assuming that meant either one would be the pick.

"I haven't decided yet so I can't tell you," he told KDKA NewsRadio in Pittsburgh early Thursday.

That McCain, he's so cagey.

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