Senate to be in Session all Night

Just a brief update to say that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he will keep the Senate in session all night Tuesday and into Wednesday to bring attention to the Iraq vote. Workers will set up cots outside the Chamber for Senators to sleep on in between votes. Although even this extreme step will not garner enough votes to pass the bill, it certainly is interesting and attention-getting! Hopefully it will get enough attention to eventually make some progress and allow the Senate to pass a good bill.

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Pelosi and Reid

Attn: (Hon) Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

You probably don't check out "MyDD" and never got a chance to read a recent thread of mine, "Pelosi..Reid..Your Leadership is Pitiful"

I've gotten a few responses from others, some in total agreement and others who prefer the roar of a mouse to a lion!

Those of us who voted in 2006 to oust the Republicans fully understand that even though Democrats are in control, albeit with tiniest of majorities,that "your hands are tied" when it comes to getting things done. But that shouldn't mean that you have to plead and beg for Republican support when it comes to Iraq or  other major issue.
We are disappointed and disallusioned by what we see. It is better to "go down fighting than with a wimper"
Bush and the Republicans have bullied this nation for the past six plus years. Limbaugh and Hannity and the rest of the Right Wing agitators continue to belittle us on the airways. It's long overdue for us to fight back!
You've got to, verbally, fight fire with fire!  Show us that your a fighter and not a victim. Shout out your sincere indignation and show us signs of your honest anger.

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" Pelosi...Reid...You're Leadership Is Pitiful"

Nancy and Harry, let's get right to the point! Let's expose this mess before it continues for another second. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than pragmatists and not leaders. Since the 2006 elections neither of you have displayed the talent to lead the Congress. Nancy and Harry you are both a great disappointment to the American people. Your words are timid and your actions are mindless. Are you so frightened of George Bush that you won't take him on? Do you really believe that the President's antics are making the Demo
Nancy and Harry, please see the light.cratic Parties' chances for victory in 2008 any better?

You're both dead wrong if you believe taking a back seat and keeping mum shows leadership. Churchill, FDR, Eisenhower and Truman did not need consensus to take action.
                                                              You are both validating George Bush's decisions by your meekness. Examples are Bushes defense of Gonzalez and his pardon of Libby.The Bush people have been smart enough not to argue the issues but have been successful in turning this whole thing around by their use of talking points: This President's great sense of loyalty and his unwavering stubborn nature .  Nancy and Harry, if you don't get it, please let someone else take the reins.

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Immigration: Challenging Orthodoxy

Note:  The following was originally posted at the web
site of and its "Cactus
Juice Commentaries".

Our "Open Letter" to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid

                "Immigration:  Challenging Orthodoxy"

Should the Democrats ever decide to address Immigration Reform with a tad of intelligence and effectiveness, then, we, as Democrats, have to start owning, maintaining, and defending the high Moral Ground in this contentious and public debate.  And if not, it's more than likely that the tunnel rats of opposition will wreak havoc and any concentrated efforts will be for nil.  Needless to say, but we will, the high Moral Ground will be destroyed out from under our feet.

(follow me on the xtend'd tour--Jaango)

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Polls Show Declining Power of Gun Lobby

Gun Lobby's Declining Pull
By Glenn Hurowitz

Even in the wake of a shooting as horrific as the Virginia Tech massacre, the gun lobby still looms very large in Washington. Neither the congressional leadership nor any of the leading presidential candidates have indicated that they're going to bring up gun control legislation that could prevent guns from getting into the hands of people like Cho Seung-Hui - or the criminals who used guns to kill 11,624 Americans in 2004 alone. "I hope there's not a rush to do anything," said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.
It's not that most Democrats think that common sense gun control measures don't make sense. It's that they've bought into the notion (peddled aggressively by the National Rifle Association) that any support at all for gun control is political suicide.  
It's an old Washington trick: if you can't win a policy debate on the merits, convince politicians that a certain policy will help them get elected. And the NRA has been a master at this gambit. During the 12 years in which Republicans controlled Congress, lots of pro-gun candidates won big with the NRA's vocal support.
But are those victories actually attributable to the gun issue - or were there other factors at work as well?
Public opinion data suggests that the gun lobby has played only a very small role in determining election outcomes; indeed, there's a strong indication that support for reasonable gun control measures actually boosts performance at the polls, even in relatively conservative districts.

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