Daschle in Chargw of Health Reform

Daschle is a good choice for this job.

As an aside, shouldn't Tom Daschle thank Harry Reid for making him seem charismatic?

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On to Denver:Obama is not nominated. He just says he is.

The path to Democratic Party Unity has one track.  It leads to serious party reform to try to undo as much of the Party destruction that has happened the last year as the leadership plowed further and further away from the basic Party values.  And the rest is clear in this open letter to Hillary written by an Independent, just the sort of Independent the Democratic Party needs to attract and have "unity" with. She titled it:

                   On to Denver!!!!

I am 44 years old, and was never much interested in politics. So, you know, when all this primary stuff started a year ago, I really didn't have much interest in any of the candidates specifically, only "let's get anyone else in there other than Bush". But, I started watching the debates and reading up on all the candidates.  In a perfect, ideal world, we wouldn't be voting for a person because of their "Party" and friends, we would be voting for that individual who has a track record of crossing those very lines and trying to get the important things we all want in life: health, wealth, harmony and happiness, regardless of, gasp, party affiliation. Quite quickly, I realized Senator Clinton was head and shoulders above Obama and the others, on every issue, on judgment, character and certainly experience. She frankly blew me away with her command of the issues. I found myself picking the person that has a track record of what I am looking for. That person is Senator Clinton. She has worked hard and diligently for all Americans, and spent years (35) building strong relationships because she has a passionate vision of what America can be. She became MY candidate. "Hill-R-We", became my mantra.

When I read that the "party leaders were tired" of the Clinton campaign bringing up the FL & MI votes for the past few weeks, I thought: well, E-X-C-U-S-E ME! I am tired of not having a say in a Presidential election, I am tired of not having my vote count, I am tired of no insurance, I am tired of little business in a struggling economy, and I am REALLY tired of some out-of-touch, well-paid, Washington fatcats deciding they know more than their constituents! The straw that broke this voter's back was the way the DNC mishandled the FL and MI votes. That is NOT democracy, NOT the values of the Democratic Party and certainly NOT my values! The media has mounted the most biased, blatant one-sided campaign for Obama that frankly reeks of more than just voter suppression. What happened to journalistic integrity?

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FISA and other tiny little matters

What does everyone think about stepping back from the edge for a moment, and instead of relentlessly trashing BOTH our Presidential candidates, we spend just a moment or two discussing..... oh ,..  I don't know,  maybe a few of those insignificant little things like the FRIGGIN Constitution and how it is being trampled on by the Senate and House of Representatives.

I thought things would be at least a little different when the Democrats took control of both houses, so why is David Rockefeller trying to flush the Constitution down the toilet?  Why do at least seven Democrats believe that Telephone companies deserve more protection and rights than do the American people?

When are Americans going to get off their fat asses and get into the streets and take back America? I am outraged that a Democratically controlled Legislature is allowing the Bush crimes to continue.


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Demand Reid and Pelosi are removed from leadership positions

As Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi have cravenly betrayed the trust of the American people, and violated their oaths of office, when they have given in (or sided with?) George W. Bush. They made lots of promises when we gave them the chance to take the majority, but betrayed each and every one. Given how bad the situation is in the United States at present, we can not afford to continue to allow those two frauds to retain their leadership positions. We have to demand they be removed from those positions by their colleagues in the congress.. our representatives and senators.

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We need to show our support for Senator Dodd

Dear Friends and Patriots

Since you are receiving this email, you may very well be aware of the latest developments with regards to domestic spying. The federal government wants to take away the power of the courts to determine if AT&T and other Telecoms broke the law, instead seizing the power to overide the courts. It is bad enough the congress has given those in the government amnesty, it now wants to give amnesty to companies that have good enough lawyers to have known what they were doing was breaking the law. These cases important because they would determine for sure if the law was broken (and so far AT&T is losing).

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