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If you are a Democrat and you want to do something that will help you revive your party and rebuild the self-confidence it had just 18 months ago, you should send your money and support to Sharron Angle for United States Senate in Nevada.

Sure, she has some strange views.  Angle is known more for what she is against than what she is for.  I call her the Elimination Candidate: she would like to eliminate Social Security, the Department of Education, the U.S.’s membership in the United Nations, fluoridization of water, and the Internal Revenue Service code.  But so what?  A wacky freshman U.S. Senator from Nevada is not a great threat to our democracy.  But the person she wants to eliminate from the Senate has proven to be one of the most formidable obstacles to progressive change in this country.

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The Democracy Corps memo

Stan Greenberg and James Carville have recently made a memo public, in which they state that the President's message has been weak and not resonating enough with the public to affect voter turn-out for an embattled Democratic Party. They outlined three messages:

We have to change Washington. That means eliminating the special deals and tax breaks won by corporate lobbyists for the oil companies and Wall Street. (REPUBLICAN HOUSE CANDIDATE) has pledged to protect the tax cuts for the top two per- cent and the big tax breaks for companies who export American jobs. I'll take a different approach with new middle class tax cuts to help small businesses and new American industries create jobs. Let's make our country work for the middle class.


My passion is "made in America," working to support small businesses, American companies and new American industries. (REPUBLICAN HOUSE CANDIDATE) has pledged to support the free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea and protect the loophole for companies outsourcing American jobs. I have a different approach to give tax breaks for small businesses that hire workers and give tax subsidies for companies that create jobs right here in America.


(REPUBLICAN HOUSE CANDIDATE) has pledged to make sweeping cuts, including cuts to off-limit programs for the middle class, like Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans plan to privatize Social Security by shifting those savings to the stock market, and ending guaranteed benefit levels. Medicare as we know it will end, as seniors will have to purchase private insurance using a voucher that will cover some of the costs.


However there are significant problems for implementing these messages.


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Negroes Against Apartheid

So who even uses the word “Negro” anymore, much less the phrase “Negro dialect”?  Apparently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a conversation with reporters before Barack Obama became president. 

To be sure, one has to wonder whether a guy who uses that kind of outmoded language has other anachronistic notions about us Negroes.  But let’s look at the substance of what Reid actually said—then apologized for:

First, that Obama is lighter skinned, and therefore likely more acceptable to the broader public, than darker skinned African Americans.  Obama’s skin color is a fact.  And, sadly, lots of social science research and practical experience supports Reid’s conclusion about how the public receives and perceives African Americans of different hues.

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[Updated] White House pressuring Sen. Reid to cut a deal with Lieberman

Not long before some of the front-pagers started writing about the duplicitous nature of Lieberman, Politico ran this story:

W.H. to Reid: Cut deal with Lieberman

The White House is encouraging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), which would mean eliminating the proposed Medicare expansion in the health reform bill, according to an official close to the negotiations.

But Reid is described as so frustrated with Lieberman that he is not ready to sacrifice a key element of the health care bill, and first wants to see the Congressional Budget Office cost analysis of the Medicare buy-in. The analysis is expected early this week.

"There is a weariness and a lot of frustration that one person is holding up the will of 59 others," the official said. "There is still too much anger and confusion at one particular senator's reversal."


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Reid Defies White House! Will Move Ahead with PO!!!

It seems that Harry may have recovered from the spine flu.  As of now, he's defying the white house and going ahead with the Public Option Opt-Out plan in the Senate: tent/article/2009/10/23/AR2009102304081. html?hpid=topnews

"He's knows what he's doing is a gamble," Reid spokesman Jim Manley said. "But more and more, he's convinced it's the right thing to do."

Maybe Harry's recovered from his spine flu?  More on the flip...  

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