Deadly "wrong door" Paramilitary Police Raids in USA

Map of Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

The Map Key includes:

Death of an innocent

Raid on an innocent suspect

Death or injury of a police officer

Other examples of paramilitary police excess

Death of a nonviolent offender

Unnecessary raids on doctors and sick people


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Congress is Addicted to War on Drugs

Most people assume that the Drug War began when President Nixon declared a War on Drugs 38 years ago on June 17,1971. In fact the first drug law enacted in this nation dates back all the way to 1875 where in the City of San Francisco Opium Smoking was banned. The first Federal drug law was passed over 92 years ago in 1915 with the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act. Which made it illegal to possess Opium (Heroin & Morphine) and also Cocaine.


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The Gipper Can't Pull This One Out

Rock. Hard Place. That's where the Republican presidential contenders find themselves as they gather for their first debate Thursday night at the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley, California. The vast majority of Americans have given up on George Bush. But the die-hards supporting him are loyal Republican primary voters that no Republican candidate dares to offend.

How can the contenders distance themselves from Bush's failures without alienating their own base? Expect them to invoke the conservative icon Ronald Reagan early and often. They'll call for a return to the faith, pledge to follow in the footsteps of the Gipper and promise a new "Morning in America."

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Fighting Injustice & Whining Are Not Equivalent

A diary in which I propose to unite Donohue/Catholic League, the Civil Rights Movement, and celebrating Ronald Reagan....

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An Update on The Southern Strategy

Remember the new conservative coalition that was to provide a "permanent Republican majority?" Today that pipe dream is mostly associated with Karl Rove, but originally it was envisioned by Richard Nixon as the fruit of his Southern Strategy.

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