Why Obama's remarks touched a nerve with us

It's his enduring legacy of BS.
I won't deal with people he killed in wars, Aids neglect etc. They've been brought up by others. It's the think tanks altering the national perceptions - that still at work today. Obama buying into it - doesn't help.
Before Reagan, liberals were the people challenging the establishment - for all the right reasons. They were the rebels, the idealists - and they were cool. Conservatives were - your obtuse parents, missing the point on everything.
By the time RW bought the media and their think tanks spread their memes through it - it was all upside down:
Liberals were irresponsible, dirty hippies guilty of past "excesses". You'd think they meant drugs - but Reagan's base knew it meant civil rights - one of those secret code words like "states rights".
Their think tanks came with the "political Correctness" - another way to legitimize bigotry. It perfectly turned the tables on liberals. Now they were no longer the cool rebels but the prissy schoolmarms who will hit you with the ruler if you "innocently" say "nigger" - just for laughs. The conservatives became the free spirited, humorous ones that the PC police just wouldn't leave be! (later on this image was reinforced with blonde spokespersons like Coulter et al) The think tank media started calling conservatives "the cool kids" and liberals the PC police. And all the while, they were laughing all the way to the bank, cutting social programs and the rich people's taxes.
The lies have been sustained by the "liberal media " (that's one meme that died!) to this day.
So, I am asking Obama's supporters - in all honesty: can you see why we hit the ceiling when I read stuff like:

"A lot of liberal rhetoric did seem to value rights and entitlements over duties and responsibilities."

"Nevertheless, by promising to side with those who worked hard, obeyed the law, cared for their families, loved their country, Reagan offered Americans a sense of common purpose that liberals seemed no longer able to muster."

If you can't just imagine, years from now, a candidate in your party, praising Bush's resolve in the war on terror and his accomplishments in promoting "family values"

For disclosure - I am speaking for people who LIVED during Reagan years. I am an undecided voter and have no goal of taking Obama down or helping any other campaign.

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In Defense of Senator Obama

A couple of days ago, Senator Obama gave an interview to a Reno newspaper where he said the following:

Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not. He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it. I think they felt like with all the excesses of the 1960s and 1970s and government had grown and grown but there wasn't much sense of accountability in terms of how it was operating. I think people, he just tapped into what people were already feeling, which was we want clarity we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.

Some progressive press outlets have jumped all over this as an indicator that Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing:

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Foreign Policy - So Easy Even Rudy Can Do It

Rudy Giuliani got some press last week with his cheap shot at Barack Obama.  "You're not Ronald Reagan, ya know." Not enough attention was paid to Giuliani's ridiculous views on the Cold War:

"He [Reagan] took missiles, intermediate-range missiles ... and he put them in European cities, and he pointed the missiles at Russian cities with names on them.  Then he said, in a very nice way, 'Let's negotiate.'"

So Rudy thinks Reagan pointed American missiles at a nuclear superpower and basically told the Soviets to choke on it.  Even worse, he believes Gorbachev bowed down in the face of a nuclear threat from the United States!

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Killing Peasant Children & Destroying the Environment

Video of Peasant Children killed by US Government failed Drug War Policy

Plan Colombia's alleged goal is to eliminate coca crops yet it's only achievement outside of killing peasant children has been to destroy the fragile environment of the Amazon. This evil inhumanity is being financed with 2.3 Billion dollars a year of our hard earned tax dollars.


The spraying does not kill coca plants but contaminates and affects human beings and the rest of the crops. The US Governments Plan Colombia has been so successful at eliminating coca crops that there are more acres of coca today than there were before they started spraying the deadly poison 8 years ago.


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Perfect: The Enemy of Better

I was speaking with a few of my progressive friends last evening when one mentioned that another friend of ours, who twice unsuccessfully for Congress, decided he was disgusted with the local, state, and national Democratic Party (not without justification), was quitting the party.  This is a common theme among progressive Democrats who are frustrated with the records of "Republican- lite" members of Congress and the largely uninformed electorate that vote on the basis of slogans, or for who the press deems the "person you'd most like to have a beer with." While I understand their frustration, I believe their all-or-nothing approach (either the party is completely progressive or no better than the Republicans) is a recipe for disaster in the long run. This belief is the best chance the Republicans have to establish a permanent majority, in spite of holding views that are reprehensible to a clear majority of Americans.

The Democratic Party finds itself in better place than the Republicans were situated after the landslide of 1964.  Barry Goldwater, a right-wing radical that was totally out of touch with the electorate was routed by Lyndon Johnson.  Fast forward 40 years, and one with Goldwater's views would be slightly right of center (roughly in Hillary Clinton territory).  Sixteen short years after that rout, we elected the first of 3 out of 4 fascist presidents.  How did this happen in such a short period of time?  Certainly not by the conservatives leaving the Republican Party because they felt abandoned and frustrated.  To their credit, and our chagrin, they systematically started from the ground up by developing think(less) tanks that completely changed the political language of the country.  As a result, they took over government in spite of being ideologically out of touch with the voters.  They convinced America that greed was good, corporate profits were always a good thing (as median wages decreased), that Jesus wouldn't give money to a beggar because the beggar need to learn to stand on his own two feet (whether or not he had feet), that the clean skies act actually cleaned the skies, etc. etc. etc.

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