Why Rachel Maddow scares them.

Rachel Maddow does not hold her tongue and when she does let go, it's intelligent and painfully precise and somewhat personal.  If you were watching the coverage of the first night of the Democratic Convention on MSNBC and witnessed this comment, then you know what I'm talking about (around the 2 minute mark and if you can't stand Pat, go on to 3:40).

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Building on the Maddow Moment

Earlier this week, MSNBC announced that Rachel Maddow would get her own show in the nightly line-up, replacing Dan Abrams.  The announcement was a victory for progressives in a number of ways.  First, Maddow's show will strengthen the toe-hold that progressive voices like Keith Olbermann have on cable TV.  Second, Maddow represents perhaps the first progressive voice to bubble up through the nascent progressive media machine and into traditional media.  Finally, Maddow is the first woman with her own show representing progressives on one of the three major cable news channels.

As important a victory as Maddow's show is, we should not bask too long in the glow of victory.  Now that corporate media has acknowledged the importance of attracting a progressive audience, it's time for the movement to flex its muscle still further.

Update: Thanks for all the great comments below; I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond. Meanwhile, check out this post from Tracy van Slyke with more steps for supporting Maddow's show. By way of disclosure, my company worked with her and the Media Consortium on the Live from Main Street website.

More on what we can do to extend the reach of progressive voices on cable TV, across the flip...

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Rachel Maddow To Kick Even More Ass

Well this is just great news. Keith over at DKos:

Rachel Gets Her Own MSNBC Show
by Keith Olbermann
Tue Aug 19, 2008 at 02:05:19 PM PDT

Happy Now?
The network will be formally announcing this tomorrow, but I am pleased to inform you in this fully authorized leak, that as of Monday, September 8, our mutual friend Ms. Maddow will become host of her own show, on MSNBC, at 9 PM Eastern Time.

In the last four years, not everything in progressive media has gone well. Air America continues to die a slow death by dumping progressive talent and replacing it with milquetoast offerings. The strong netroots-establishment message coordination from the days of the Social Security fight doesn't exist during this election cycle at the Presidential level.

However, the rise of Keith Olbermann and now Rachel Maddow are true bright spots. Rachel is one of the smartest people I know, a great broadcaster, and an all-around cool person. So she'll certainly bring light to important stories otherwise ignored by everyone else in cable news. But Rachel will also draw an audience not necessarily predisposed to liberalism. With Rachel on the air, viewers will get the opportunity to watch real news instead of bluster - and I bet a sizable number will jump at the chance.


(Rachel says hello during a photo shoot at Air America in early 2005)

Congrats Rachel!

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Rachel Maddow replaces Abrams!

Oh, hell, yeah.  One of my favorite fellow GLBTs / progressives is going to replacing the milquetoast Dan Abrams on MSNBC!  

Per the NY Times:

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Rachel Maddow Hosting Race for the White House Today

I just tuned in five minutes late to Air America's The Rachel Maddow Show, which simulcasts MSNBC's Race for the White House in it's first hour, only to hear that Maddow is taking David Gregory's post as moderator today (I missed the explanation for why at the beginning).  This is very interesting, not least because Gregory is one of the front runners to take over Meet the Press.  It also speaks to the increasing inevitability that Maddow will soon get her own show on the network.  Race will be around until November, presubmably.  If Gregory does get MTP, it is possible they'll make her the moderator until then?

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