Prop 8 May Be Upheld

Bad news for marriage equality in California. Two of the justices who supported marriage equality before have shown resistance toward overturning Proposition 8.

"You would have us choose between these two rights: the inalienable right to marry and the right of the people to change their constitution," said Justice Joyce L. Kennard, one of those two key judges. "You ask us to willy-nilly disregard the right of the people to change the constitution of the state of California. But all political power is inherent in the people of California."

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Building A Marriage Equality Army

Since Prop 8 passed in California on Nov. 4th, a marriage equality movement has been building both in California and throughout the country, one that my friends at the Courage Campaign have been nurturing and now hope to turn into actual boots on the ground through a series of community organizing trainings they're calling "Camp Courage." To make these trainings a reality, Courage needs our help.

Rick Jacobs elaborates via e-mail:

To help us build a well-trained grassroots army to repeal Prop 8, our labor movement friends at United Healthcare Workers (UHW) and the California Nurses Association (CNA) are also stepping up to help us fund Camp Courage trainings across California. UHW and CNA have pledged to contribute $5,000 each if we can meet our $25,000 Camp Courage Challenge by this Friday, January 16.

The hard deadline is tonight at 11pm. Can you help? Please donate what you can HERE.

The first training is on Jan. 25th in Los Angeles but the fact is the more areas of California that we can set up these camps in the better. You and I know there are marriage equality supporters in the red districts as well as blue districts of California but those areas are largely ignored by the party and by progressive groups for all sorts of reasons. The more money Courage has to run these camps, the more of California the camps will be able to cover.

As Rick says in a follow-up e-mail today:

I want to expand the map -- to hold trainings in as many California communities as possible. Our first Camp Courage will be in Los Angeles on January 25. But we don't want to have to make a choice between places like Fresno, San Diego, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, and San Francisco.

It's up to you. And we've only got a few hours left before tonight's deadline. Will you help us expand the map and build a bigger army of well trained grassroots activists to repeal Prop 8?

Can you help expand the map and build an on the ground army for marriage equality? Give what you can by 11pm tonight HERE.

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Labor Unions Want Overturn of Prop 8

50 labor unions (according to the Sacromento Bee) will file an amicus brief on Friday asking the California Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8.

The list is a who's who of labor unions including the AFL-CIO, SEIU and Teamsters.

"It was United Health Workers-West President Sal Rosselli who explained why labor is interested in seeing the measure overturned:

  There are fundamental constitutional rights that cannot be abolished by ballot initiative. Our organizations stand for fairness and equality for working people--not only in the workplace but in all aspects of society. Today we are standing up for all California families in asking the court to overturn..."

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Latter-Day Protest? Proposition 8 and Sports

By Dave Zirin
x-posted fromEdge of Sportswith permission.

As supporters of Gay Marriage have discovered, it's never easy to be on the Mormon Church's enemies list. The Church of Latter-Day Saints backed the anti-Gay Marriage Proposition 8 in California with out-of-state funds, and gave the right a heartbreaking victory this past election cycle. But the Mormon Church has been challenged in the past. Just ask Bob Beamon.

If you know Beamon's name it's almost certainly because he won the long jump gold medal in legendary fashion at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Beamon leapt 29 feet, 2.5 inches, a record that held for twenty-three years. Great Britain's Lynn Davies told Beamon afterwards, "You have destroyed this event." This is because Beamon was not only the first long jumper to break 29 feet, he was the first to break 28.

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Yep, I'm Outraged - UPDATED

I hear that Rick Warren is a nice guy in person. He offered refreshments to the Prop 8 protesters. He actively encourages members of his Saddleback Church to work with those suffering from AIDS in a hands-on fashion. I understand he is warm and very personable.

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