8: The Mormon Proposition (Pre-Sundance Update)

This past May, I caught up with documentary filmmaker Reed Cowan, who didn't shy away from answering some pointed (and personal) questions about 8: The Mormon Proposition. As the first NYU grad in my family's six generations of Mormons, go figure that I'd be personally interested in both Mormonism and film (nevermind Mormons on film!).  In other words, since that initial interview with Reed, I've been anxiously hoping that he'd keep me in the loop as the film progressed.  After bugging Reed for an update, he's now brought me up to speed:

CB: Since we last spoke, I've heard through the grapevine that a certain Dustin Lance Black provided the narration for 8:TMP, and Bruce Bastian is now on board as Executive Producer.  How did that happen?

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10,000+ Ask for LDS (Mormon) Apology re Prop 8?

I can't confirm.  Just passing it along:

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Obama's DOMA Defense Unacceptable

When Barack Obama ran for President, he pledged to fully repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) - a mean-spirited piece of legislation that Bill Clinton signed in 1996 for crass political reasons.  Obama says it's still his intent to do so, but has yet to follow up with any action.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Justice Department filed a brief late last week defending a constitutional challenge to DOMA.  The brief did not merely argue against the lawsuit on technical grounds such as the plaintiffs' lack of standing, but advanced legal arguments that - if pursued by the courts - could greatly damage gay and lesbian rights.  Most lawyers at the Justice Department who write these briefs are civil servants who cannot be replaced by a new President, and one of the authors was in fact a right-wing holdover from the Bush years.  But Tony West, an Obama appointee and the brother-in-law of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, allowed it to be filed in court - and his name appears on the front page.  As Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, West may argue that he's "just doing his job" - i.e., defending existing federal law.  But the Administration can use discretion in these lawsuits, making this unacceptable.

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This Week in Utah: Cleve Jones and a gay bashing

Jennifer Dobner's AP report in the WaPo: Gay rights activist calls for march on Washington

JoSelle Vanderhooft interviews Cleve Jones for QSaltLakehere.

Deseret News reports (after the break):

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Homophobes baffled as Warren backtracks towards Jesus.

As the Prop 8 vote drew near, Rick Warren eagerly pimped himself out to the Prop 8 movement (detailed by BarbinMD earlier last week). In a strange twist, though, he found himself on Larry King Live Monday distancing himself from none other than Rick Warren, as he denied supporting the anti-gay movement during last year's election. It was a purpose-driven waffle that contrasted starkly with his own words.

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