Fightin Dem Spotlight on the Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina Primaries

On Tuesday, May 2nd, there are primaries in Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio.

There are a total of nine (9) FDVets running for the House of Representatives:

 Two Fighting Dem Vets are running in Indiana (IN-03 and IN-04).  Both candidates face a field that includes non-vet candidates.

One Fighting Dem Vet is running in North Carolina (NC-03). Fortunately, Craig Weber is unopposed so he will be the Dem nominee. On the other hand, a great candidate, Tim Dunn (NC-08), dropped out earlier for personal reasons.

Six Fighting Dem Vets are running in Ohio (OH-03, OH-04, OH-13, and OH-18). In CDs 4 and 13 two Fighting Dem Vets face off against each other in large fields of candidates. Only one candidate, Richard D. Siferd in OH-04 is unopposed and is therefore the official nominee of the Democratic Party.

Please also join us in signing the Petition for the resignation of SecDef Donald Rumsfeld. It has been co-sponsored by about 50 Fighting Dem Vets and all FDs of any stripe are asked to join in. It is in the works to be hand delivered by a special person this week.

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MyDD Conversation with MD-Sen Candidate Kweisi Mfume

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to speak with Kweisi Mfume, one of two leading candidates for the Democratic Senatorial nomination in the state of Maryland (the other being Congressman Ben Cardin, with whom we spoke in February).

Mfume and I covered a range of topics, including the Iraq War, gas prices, poverty, and why he believes the blogosphere should get involved in the race. You can listen to the interview here (warning: a 26.9 .mp3 file) or read the rush transcript below.

Jonathan Singer: April is shaping up to be the bloodiest month for Americans in Iraq since November and there appears to be no end in sight to the violence. As Senator, what would you do to improve the situation in the country?

Kweisi Mfume: That country?

Singer: Yes, that's correct.

Mfume: I don't know if you can improve that situation. I think the slide towards civil war has accelerated at a breakneck pace, that the violence that we've seen escalating over the last ten months continues to increase. I just believe it's an extremely volatile situation that may not have an American solution. The solution may be an Iraqi solution. I just don't know at this point.

As someone who has been against this war since the first resolution was offered in the House, which kind of gave the President permission to do so or did give him permission to do so, I've just been opposed to all of the reasons why we are there. The American public was lied to deliberately, maliciously and unnecessarily about all these reasons that didn't really exist. And once we got there - as the leaders of our military say, "liberated Baghdad" - and once we were able to apprehend Saddam Hussein, we were all told that in another year the Iraqi forces would be able to take care of themselves. We would provide armament and training, et cetera. Well three years have gone by and today is like it was that first day. There's just no end in sight.

So I don't know if the solution there is an American solution. It may be a United Nations solution to what's going on. That's why it's been so regrettable that we have sort of ignored the United Nations in this entire process. That's why we have the organization and that's why the organization has credibility. We need international peacekeepers in an international role in Iraq, not just an American role.

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Why Voting Democratic Matters

Bill Goold, Executive Director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, shared the following insight with me in February of this year.  It highlights perfectly why we need to stay focused on the Democratic brand when voting.

RE: Overview of how Congressional Progressive Caucus Members would be empowered if party control of the U.S. House of Representatives changes as a result of the November 2006 elections

* At least 10 Congressional Progressive Caucus Members would become Committee Chairmen or Chairwomen

* An additional 35 Congressional Progressive Caucus Members would become Subcommittee Chairmen or Chairwomen.

See the list of Committee and Subcommittee chairs on the flipside...

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Paul Weyrich, Matt Stoller and the Need for Primary Challanges

We should learn from the opposition.

In the main section here on MyDD Matt Stoller has raised a ruckus in his post on Chuck Schumer and his argument that the netroots should foster more primary challenges to some Democrats in 2008.

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MyDD Conversation with OR St. Sen. Candidate Jesse Cornett

On Monday night, I had the chance to sit down with my friend Jesse Cornett, who's running for the Democratic state Senate nomination in a district that covers the eastern part of Portland.

Jesse served eight years as a member of the United States Army Reserves and the Oregon Army National Guard, and has worked under leading Oregonian politicians such as Senator Ron Wyden, former Senator Mark Hatfield, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, and Congressman Earl Blumenauer. He has also worked in numerous campaigns and has been involved in the creation of two key parts of Oregon's progressive infrastructure: the Bus Project, discussed during the interview, and Blue Oregon, a Democratic blog community.

Jesse is a great guy who exemplifies the qualities we all look for in a progressive politician. He really is a rising star in Oregon politics, but he needs support today so he can achieve great things in the future. Check out his website and consider throwing him a Hamilton or two; I just shot him $100, for what it's worth. Also, listen to the interview here (warning, a 14.1 megabyte .wav file) or read the transcript below.

Jonathan Singer: Jesse, you're a fighting Democrat in many ways, not just having served our country but also standing up for progressive ideals. What would you say about yourself being a fighting Democrat?

Jesse Cornett: I've heard that a lot lately, and it's really funny because I've never really though of myself in quite those terms, and under the nature of a campaign that's how I've presented myself, but I guess it's true.

I think there are many, many things that the Democrats should be fighting for nationwide, locally here in Oregon that we're not. For instance, tonight I just came from a Medicare forum on the blunder that is Part D, which I had very little idea about before 10 days ago. That's one thing, the three Members of Congress from here - Hooley, DeFazio and Blumenauer - who voted against it, where they're talking about the blunder that it is and potential changes. That's one area.

Locally here, I got into this race because there's just a ton we can do to find stable and adequate funding for our schools. 600,000 Oregonians are without healthcare coverage. We have no rainy day fund in the state when things go south. These are things Democrats have been talking about but not fighting for. So those are I'm just really excited to fight for.

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