Which race do you most want to win on June 6?

Which race do you most want to win on June 6?   For me, it's Francine Busby in the CA-50.  Aside from gaining the seat, I'd love to have the media frenzy over what it might portend for the Democrats in November.

Other races of note on Tuesday are the Montana Senate primary between Tester and Morrison and the California gubernatorial primary between Phil Angelides and Steve Westly.  There are probably others that are below my radar screen or that I've forgotten.

So, what do you think?

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CA-Governor.. Still Undecided..?

With only days remaining before the Primary, almost 30% of our CA voters say they remain undecided.

One way to help solve this voter dilemma is to approach it from the perspective of the Repugs.

While Dems and those who lean our way may not sense much.. if any.. core differences between Angelides and Westly, surely the Repugs do!

The Schwarzenegger bunch are hoping that ? will win the Primary next Tuesday.

Who are the Repugs rooting for...?

The only wasted votes are the ones not cast on June 6th.

Every un-cast vote is a vote for Ahhnie!

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A Reponse to McSnatherson's Top Ten Reasons for Voting Angelides over Westly

McSnatherson Posted a great diary listing 10 Reasons he's with State Treasurer Phil Angelides in the June 6th Democratic Primary to face Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I thought i'd give another side to his ten points and throw in a few counter-points in favor of State Controller Steve Westly, who is Angelides' opponent in the race.

It seemed too long to be a comment, so I made it a diary!

Be sure to check out McSnatherson's Original Diary - Top ten reasons for voting Angelides over Westly.

Thanks for the great diary, but...

...as I learned more about the candidates - and looked at their campaigns in action - I went in the opposite direction from you, growing more inclined towards Westly.

Since this campaign has largely devolved into a televised slap-fight, I'll stick to the issues.  I'm going to follow your lead and go through with a counter-point to your ten reasons.
While we differ in opinions, I appreciate people like you who are writing diaries that keep to the issues.  Thanks for raising the level of debate!

I've come down on Westly's side, but want to make clear that (while both have their faults) both are good Democrats with almost thirty years of activism in the party.  They really are so similar that it has made this a really hard choice.

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Top ten reasons for voting Angelides over Westly

I'm a Californian. Recently, I had a discussion with a friend who was ardently pro-Westly. I told him I was leaning towards Angelides. We argued about it for a little while, then he had to go, but he asked me to write up my top ten reasons for preferring Angelides. I did my research, got to know the candidates better (and found my preference for Angelides solidifying rapidly), and sent him my reasons. He read them over, and now he's gone from being absolutely committed to voting for Westly to leaning strongly towards Angelides. Seeing as this race came up on the frontpage just recently, I thought people might be interested in the reasons I came up with, whether it's because they're undecided themselves, or if they're looking for ideas on how to convince others. Full reasons listed below the break:

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Indiana Primaries

Indiana held its primary elections last night. The biggest story from a Hoosier's perspective is that long-time Indiana Senate President pro tem, Bob Garton, was ousted by his primary challenger -- a darling of the religious right. But, more than that, there seemed to be a "throw the bums out" sentiment in the electorate that mostly manifested itself in the form of Republican challengers ousting Republican incumbents for various state offices. Democratic office holders didn't seem to have as much of a problem.

Nationally of more interest is probably Indiana's Congressional matchups, at least 3 of which seem to hold the potential for Democrats to displace Republican incumbents. Information on the Congressional matchups in the extended entry.

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