Clinton to concede tomorrow night?

Hillary Clinton has summoned top donors and backers to attend her speech tomorrow night in an unusual move that is being widely interpreted to mean she plans to suspend her campaign and endorse Barack Obama.

Could it be?

"This has never happened before," one donor said, referring to the personalized request by email to attend the event in New York Tuesday night.

This is the night when Obama's expected to hit the nomination threshold.

Earlier in the day it was reported that Clinton staffers were being urged by the campaign's finance department "to turn in their outstanding expense receipts by the end of the week," another sign that the run at the White House was nearing an end. In addition, Politico wrote that members of Clinton's advance staff had received calls and emails Sunday night, summoning them to New York City and telling them their roles on the campaign are ending.

What do y'all think?

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ARG New Polls for S.D. and Montana

American Research Group has released polls today for the great states of Montana and South Dakota.

South Dakota:

HRC:     60%
Obama: 34%

Montana: Closer than some may have thought

HRC:     44%
Obama: 48%

This may be the last hurrah for HRC and I hope she wins them both because I beleive John McCain will win the General Election against Obama.....unless Obama places HRC on the ticket as Vice President.

Thanks for representing us Hillary. You were great and again you have risen above the Media Attack Machine. You are the best and the best is yet to come...

Your thoughts....

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Why is Clinton Really Objecting to the DNC's Decision?

I write here not to open wounds but to begin to find a way to move on. It is very difficult to accept a loss in a long and competitive campaign, but it is virtually impossible if one believes that his or her candidate was treated unfairly. Talk of Clinton having won the popular vote leaves this impression. People are led to believe that this may be Florida in 2000. It isn't.

The DNC reached a compromise yesterday (May 31st) on Florida and Michigan. It is fair and prudent. The Clinton camp appears satisfied with 50/50 split in Florida, but unhappy about the resolution in Michigan. From the Clinton camp:

"We strongly object to the Committee's decision to undercut its own rules in seating Michigan's delegates without reflecting the votes of the people of Michigan.

The Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but four of the delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party.

We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan's delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast."

Are we really supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton, after stating publicly that the election in Michigan would not count--an election in which her opponent was not on the ballot--is now in a position to claim that the decision of the DNC has undermined democracy? Does she really believe this? Is she actually outraged?

I believe that there is outrage in Hillary's Camp. Just listen to some of the reports about what went on at the DNC meeting. And I also believe that Bill and Hillary may actually be outraged. The DNC's decision results in four more delegates for Obama than Hillary would have awarded him. In terms of the delegate count, four delegates can't be the source of the outrage. The practical consequences are nil and genuine outrage over principle is suspect. So if there is outrage, what is its source? Here is my hypothesis.

Hillary's Camp has been playing the metrics game for several months now. She has grown especially attached to is the so-called "popular vote" metric. However, any statistician or pollster worth his or her salt will tell you that you can't combine votes from caucus and primary states, for the former simply have many fewer "voters" involved. It is a classic case of apples and oranges. If you did combine them, the citizens of the caucus states could claim that they were being disenfranchised. Further, the primaries had different rules, some allowed independents to participate, some even allowed Republicans to cross over, while others were solely for Democrats.

The problem with the DNC's Michigan decision is that it undermines the plausibility of counting Michigan's votes in a popular vote total. According to the DNC, giving Obama the "uncommitted" votes is an inadequate solution to the Michigan problem. No one knows for sure how the vote would have gone. So it simply took the request of the Clinton Camp, and the request of the Obama Camp, and split the difference, awarding Obama four "additional" delegates. This is meant to make a statement. It shows that the state's popular vote is not to be construed as decisive or legitimate, for the delegate count does not match the "popular vote" (which in fact is non-existent since Obama wasn't on the ballot). The compromise was one over delegates, and the way that the delegates were handled signaled that Michigan's popular vote should not be counted.

The outrage from the Clinton Camp is real, but to be more exact, it is really fury at the DNC for undermining its case about the popular vote. It is not clear how she wants to use the latter at this point, but whether it is for posterity, for the VP slot, or for her next run for the presidency, the popular vote total remains very important to the Clintons. The problem, however, is obvious. By insisting on this false metric, they are undermining Obama. They are making it appear that she somehow won the election, as did Gore, and then had it taken away from her by an unfair system. But the analogy to Florida in 2000 is specious. Hillary and her Camp will have to take responsibility for any damage done to Obama's chances by continuing to "strongly object" to the DNC's reasonable compromise.

I hope that we can get past the "popular vote" and move on to the general election, asap.

To this end, I offer something to Obama and Clinton supporters who also happen to be BSG fans. I offer you the twelth cylon as a way to get going in the race against the Republicans.

"The Twelfth Cylon Revealed"

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This Week With Barack Obama, May 25-31, 2008

reposted by permission of diarist, icebergslim

cross-posted @ This Week With Barack Obama



                                          obama in las vegas, nv addressing the housing crisis

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obama at mapleton expeditionary school of the arts in thornton, co


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                                                obama in great falls, montana


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                                                             is it true about obama?

Obama and Trinity United Church of Christ.

I know it was difficult for Barack, Michelle, Melia and Sasha Obama to leave a church that has been a cornerstone of their life.  It was.  But leave the church, eventually, they had to.

What happened in this campaign is that white America is not/was not knowledgeable of Black Churches in the United States of America.  Many of these churches are very progressive, speak to social issues, and address the uplifting of many Black Americans in this country.  The continuous loop of Wright's statements and of Fox News using Father Pfleger's video of his statements about Hillary Clinton, did not nurture the Obamas to remain with Trinity United Church of Christ.  I believe it just hastened their path to the door.

Make no mistake; this church has done incredible outreach in the Black Community for jobs, Aids, spiritual development, etc.  This is known.  But we are in the realm of politics and Barack Obama is a bi-racial man who is trying to be defined by some as a Black Radical Nutcase by the far right, when this is not so.

In the end, the Obama Family had no choice but to leave Trinity United Church of Christ.

Always remember that Barack Obama is running to be President of the United States of America, to represent all of us, not some of us.  That is the beauty of who he truly is, because it will be us who put him there.

obama in aberdeen, sd @ press conference about tucc resignation and the dnc rbl decision


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                                                obama at mt. rushmore in south dakota


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                                 obama in north las vegas, nv talking housing crisis

icebergslim's last word:  what happened

What Happened is the new book by Scott McClellan, former press secretary of the Bush Administration.

Well, I have read a lot of these Bush Administration books and critiques of the Iraq War like, State of Denial, Fiasco, The Shock Doctrine, etc.  For me, Scott McClellan was believable and striking in his assessment of the failed Bush Administration.


Scott McClellan worked under the then, Governor George W. Bush, in Texas.  He was one of the few brought to Washington, DC by now, President George W. Bush and was considered an insider.  His criticism of the failed Bush Administration substantiates all the other books written by authors critiquing and criticizing this current administration.

Another caveat, we have as yet to see any current or former member of the Bush Administration to state the facts of McClellan's book is an outright lie.  And don't expect it to be so, because this book is true.  Is it a "johnny-come-lately" moment?  Yes, absolutely, but I view it like this, put it out there NOW while we are gearing up for the general election mode to use this as fodder against the Republicans than after November, when we already know this administration is on the bullshit tip.

What else happened?  The fiasco and joke of Michigan and Florida who jumped the shark of the primaries was finally settled by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting. It was the longest meeting I have ever had the pleasure of watching.  It was one firecracker after another, along with rude and obnoxious Clinton Supporters, who may I add, do not represent the majority.  This was a real popcorn delight and clocking in at around 8 hours of talking and more than two hours of off camera bartering.  In the end, Florida and Michigan will be seated at ½ strength, period.  And personally, they are lucky to have that.  Although I am more sympathetic to Florida's plight with a Republican run state legislation, than Michigan who moved their primary up due to that Governor's sheer political alliance with the Clintons.

What else happened?  The new number to cinch is 2116. Expect Barack to close this out on Tuesday.

Overall, this primary season is a wrap.  After Tuesday, Barack Obama will be the Democratic Nominee, no more maybe, is he, coulda, woulda, shoulda, but it will be the fact.

obama at pancake breakfast for veterans and families in sioux falls, sd


Video: Obama, Begich at Alaska Democratic Convention; Smokey says, "Yes We Can!"; NPR: Media Savage Clinton over RFK Remark; NPR:  Democrats Resolve the Delegate Count; Obama in Puerto Rico; Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) introduces Obama on Memorial Day; Obama addressing veterans in NM; DCCC's Van Hollen Assesses the Obama Effect; Obama Campaign in Transition; Obama's Speech in Thornton, Colorado; Obama Spanish Language Music Video; Obama in Rapid City, SD; Obama in Aberdeen, SD; Obama in Great Falls, MT; Obama addressing Veterans in Sioux Falls, SD

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well, it has been one of those weeks!!  finally got the michigan/florida snafu put in perspective, as we watched our fellow democrats at times acting very undemocratic.  sigh.  anyway it is full steam ahead.  we have a lot of work to do to bring us together as one.  remember, as the rules and bylaws meeting, remember to follow the obama campaign lead.  after yesterday, many were very happy we did.  oh, h/t for the above slide show (for inspiration) to THE photo blogger around, al rodgers.  folks, as always remember to keep your heads up and focus on obama and not the drama....


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This Week With Barack Obama

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John McCain Wins PR in a landslide

It looks like John McCain won Puerto Rico in a landslide. de/2008/results/states/PR.html

With 100% reporting the New York Times reports he has won 90.8% of the vote with Huckabee coming in a distant second with 4.8% and Ron Paul in hot pursuit at 4.3%

So everything is as we would expect it to be, but wait a minute turnout seems a bit low..

207 people voted in the Republican primary.  That is not a typo, unless New York Times is wrong about this result.  What does this mean?

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