Clinton's campaign falling apart, and everyone can see it....

In the past 48 hours, the Clinton campaign has shown everyone that they are imploding. Not only is the Clinton camp lashing out in desperation, they are also actually standing in the way of real progress in world affairs and the American Middle Class.

For evidence, read below...

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Is Immigration the New Gay Marriage?

By all accounts, we are a nation in turmoil. We continue to fight an never ending war in Iraq, the housing crisis continues to spread throughout the financial markets, and the economy teeters on the edge of recession. To the observer, these are the greatest issues facing America in 2008. Yet, if you listen to the Republicans debate, its as if these issues don't exist. Ignoring the obvious, they ramp up the rhetoric on an different issue, a new scapegoat for all the ills of society. A diversion from the last eight years of failure.

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A Moment from the Debate Last Night

What is really wrong with our country? Everyone seems to agree we are involved in an unjust war and that our priorities are , under the current administration, so far off course it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

In my view, there was a moment in the debate when that all came clear to me. There was this one moment that for me, finally spoke truth to power.

It seems that John wants to start a class war. It seems that Barack wants to start a generational war. It seems that Sen. Clinton, with all due respect on her plan on Iraq, doesn't end the war," Richardson said.

"All I want to do is give peace a chance".

What I learned from being a Dean supporter, is that you have to be able to pick the candidate you like and be able to have something you can scream at the top of your lungs in support.

For my wife, it was that Bill said he was for a 40,000.00 a year minimum wage for schoolteachers. What was the moment, for you?

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Life: Union, Definition, Extension, ..and Richardson

Perhaps one of the biggest issues in any race are the issues regarding life union, the definition of life, and the right to life.  Amazingly these rights are often championed by the same people who crusade for the institutionalization of death in prison sentences. Tough talk! Often, and perhaps not surprisingly, life unions and partnerships are crusaded against by those selfsame individuals. I know it hasn't been a banner year for these issues, but they are important, and I feel they are part of a good litmus test to apply before you pull the lever. I'm writing from the  perspective of a Bill Richardson indie blogger.  But really only because Richardson seems to make the most sense on these issues to me.

Bill Richardson is a Catholic.  I actually haven't seen that much coverage on this fact, but in my view that religious orientation almost guarantees a careful consideration of the questions above. The Holy Roman Catholic Church has devoted itself to  this question and many of the orthodox, latin mass congregations center their political activity around right to life. A friend of my father in law once wrote that she would take any and all unwanted babies born and raise them. And she did. There are scores of people in whom this single issue defines their candidates. And this year, Rudy Guiliani .. well he just ain't gettin' their vote.

Not that the church is perfect. I am simply stating that I appreciate this sort of perspective - and that they are right places to sort out issues regarding union, sancticty of life, and if they are working right, they can also be a nice place to go, when young mothers are in trouble. If anything, given the priest scandals -  the Catholic Church should also at least be aware of the idea that domestic partnerships might be a good thing. I personally cannot imagine a life of celibacy. Then again, I tried out for becoming one of Al Franken's "Heroes of Abstinence" and failed so..

Politics is not about the definition of Organic Life; Marriage is not about tax breaks,  Domestic Partnerships are not about Destroying Marriage. Bill Richardsons work to make New Mexico one of the few states where domestic partnerships are recognized is, like the other questions - a position that is just about the maximum utilization of available resources. Statesmen are there to reflect your views, not prejudge them through a religious lens and parse out your requested actions by what you hope are their elective prejudicial leanings.  (more after the jump)

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The Argument for Universal Healthcare and Hillary's Plan

Statistics are the best argument for understanding why the United States needs to improve our healthcare system. If we continue down the path that we're on, healthcare will simply become unsustainable.

According to a Kaiser Permanente Foundation study, healthcare premiums in the U.S. have risen 78% since 2001. Drug costs are increasing at a rate of 8% a year, the number of uninsured Americans rose from 44 million to 47 million in one year (a 7% increase) and the number of uninsured children increased 12% in one year.

For those Americans that are insured through their employers, many companies are passing the higher premium costs back to their employees, or choosing not to offer healthcare insurance at all.  Other costs such as co-payments, deductables and perscription drug costs are all increasing at a rate much higher than inflation and wages.

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