Today is the day Edwards supporters 'Ron Pauls' the Media

In case you had not heard, the net roots organizers for Edwards have declared Friday Jan 18, 2008 the Edwards 'moneybomb' day.
https:/ ibute/form

Why? Well for one, Ron Paul's supporters are showing the establishment that the net roots can generate publicity in ways that can not be ignored - money.

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Union officials Obama: "Politics as Usual"

After the intense attacks from Obama's campaign against the 527 groups who are union sponsored, labor officials are hitting back, decrying that Obama is weakening the position of labor, which is already the subject of right wing and corporate attack. 8/7652.html

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Bill's attack on Obama is a sign of bigger desperation from the Clinton campaign

Bill's attack on Obama is a sign of bigger desperation from the Clinton campaign.  It will not have any effect on Obama surge.  Moreover, Bill's support for Edwards to win Iowa is also a sign of how devious the Clintons are; knowing fully well that Edwards lacks enough money to mount a serious challenge on Hillary, an Edwards' win invariably, according to Bill is a Hillary win.
Hillary Clinton Campaign is a sinking ship
The most recent early states and national polls show that Hillary's campaign, which until her Philly debate fumble was a poll-dominant inevitability, is currently sinking lower every day.  And there seem to be that no effort being make to stop the decline was working.  Below are several of the efforts to save Hillary's campaign that has failed:
  •    CNN's rigged debate and after debate spin
  •    Her campaign's rush to play the gender card
  •    Bill complaining of his wife being pilled on
  •    Arm-twisting of the NY Gov to help her on immigration
  •    Bill's daily show in Iowa
  •    Her accusation of the opponents for mud-slinging
  •    Novak's scandal rumor
Below are Hillary's campaign new efforts that will not save it from crashing to the ground:
  •    Her current mud-slinging on Obama
  •    Racking up thousand and one endorsements
  •    Even the endorsement of NH's Gov's wife, Dr. Susan Lynch
  •    Going to church on Sunday
  •    Aggressively attacking Obama
  •    New emphasis on her (actually John Edward's) healthcare
  •    Getting all the Senators, Congressmen, and other members of the democratic establishment to endorse her
With all due respect to the theory of inevitability, which was built on polls, Hillary's current consistent slide in the polls and her current lack-luster performance in match-up against top 5 Republican nomination candidates is the final straw that broke the Carmel's back.
Now, Bill is out and telling us to expect Hillary to loose Iowa, NH, and SC and still win the nomination.  I thought that Bill's admission means that Evita is dead, but good old Bill would want to keep people in the dark as to the status of the race.  
Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign is crumbling faster than Dean's and do not expect that downside momentum to stop.  
If Hillary loose Iowa and NH to Obama, she is out of this race.

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Latest poll, Edwards does best against GOP

CNN is just releasing a poll showing Edwards is doing the best against all Republicans and has the highest margin of victory in General Election matchups. /tue6ampoll.pdf

Interviews with 1,002 adult Americans conducted by telephone
by Opinion Research Corporation on December 6-9, 2007. The
margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample
is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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CO.Sec.of State(R) Breaks the law,but that's not the scandal

Last weekend, I attended the Rocky Mountain Rootscamp. While there I attended a seminar on the problems of voting machines and general voter fraud by Brad Friedman ( ) who also showed an excellent documentary film "Uncounted" (
(there will be another blog dealing with this subject later this week, so back to the story here)
While there, I ran into an acquaintance of mine whom I had not seen since the 2004 campaign, Claudia Kuhns. She let me know about a new voter scandal in Colorado.
We discussed a recent audit of Secretary of State, Mike Coffman.
(Indidentally, Coffman won a statewide victory over his democratic opponent, Ken Gordon,by less than 1000 votes, after issues of 4-5 hour long wait in the Democratic voting areas of Denver, Colorado)

But there is more on the REAL scandal below...

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