Edwards Slams Bush, McCain, champions Obama

McCain is at it again, despite being cute on Saturday Night Live, he is out there making statements again on Obama's foreign policy.

I have news for Senator Obama, talking, in unconditionally with a man who says Israel is a rotting corpse, will not get Iran to give up their Nuclear weapons program and it is reckless.

(as opposed to Bush's 'sensible' foreign policy???)

Listen to Edwards slamming Bush and McCain and showing the importance of going in a new direction with Barack Obama.

(hattip to Jed Report for the youtube video.)

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Take the Bush - McCain Challenge

Alright so you're a progressive, or a big sky democrat. You're one of the chosen few. You might be an independent, you're not swayed by the whim of some party line propaganda.  You know the real story. You're not a Clintonista. You're not an Obama-head. You're a real live voter with real live voter instincts that are so sharp if a single samurai thread of hair falls on them it will be cut into two.

Do me a favor. Try out this simple quiz and see if you know the difference between George W. Bush, and John McCain.

And seriously. If anyone HONESTLY gets all of these five questions right - can they post back over here about it?
Because I consider myself fairly savvy, hey - you know. A guy who front pages myDD (when Jerome lets me), every now and then. Fairly  in the know. I will admit. I got 2/5 wrong. It blew me away.

See for yourself!

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Top 3 Clues Hillary Has Already Lost.

#1 McCain targets Obama - Republicans, as has been noted so emphatically and frequently on MyDD, are shrewd with their own money.  The fact that McCain and the Republican machine has begun to attack Obama can only mean that they believe he will inevitably get the nomination.

#2 It's the delegates, stupid -  Obama has a 150 point delegate lead.  PA was Hillary's last chance to make a dent in this lead and she only netted 10-12 delegates.  With just over 300 supers left and no other large winnable primaries, Hillary cannot score enough of the remaining delegates to catch up.

#3 Obama targets McCain - Obama no longer sees Hillary as a threat.  He understands that the nomination is just a waiting game at this point, so why waste time and money arguing with Hillary about his pastor, when he could be arguing with McCain about the economy, ending the war... and his pastor.  

If anyone has a realistic path to nomination for Hillary that doesn't involve destroying the Democratic party, please post it.

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Am I missing something? (Hillary?)

In the past few months Hillary Clinton:

Lied about her opposition to the war in Iraq
Lied about ducking sniper fire in Bosnia
Lied about her opposition to NAFTA
Lied about negotiating peace in Ireland
Lied about creating SCHIP
Lied about passing FMLA
Lied about intervention in Rwanda
Lied about being first to call Darfur genocide
Lied about helping Kosovo refugees in Macedonia
Planted questions in her own town hall meetings

She was caught red handed each time and she is still running for president? Am I missing something? Why are we still talking about primary polls and delegates and not talking about how Obama will beat John McCain in November?

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Question for Hillary Supporters: IF

I'm trying to discern just how much of a lead Obama has to have before Hillary's supporters on this site will say "enough" and call for her to wrap it up.

I therefore ask the following question:


A.  Come June, Obama has more pledged delegates than Clinton, even counting the bogus primaries in Florida and Michigan;

B.  Come June, Obama leads in the popular vote; and

C.  Come June, the remaining uncommitted superdelegates call a special meeting to announce who they are supporting (as has been suggested) and do not provide Clinton enough additional votes to overcome Obama's pledged delegate lead;

will you THEN urge Clinton to drop out of the race so the party and nominee can focus on defeating McBush in November?

Well, what say you?

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