How does McCain plan to balance the Budget?

Did anyone review McCain's latest Economic plan and its fantasies including how he plans to balance the budget in four years using "Victory gains" from deficit financing of Iraq and Afghanistan wars?

Go to show you that McCain has no clue when it comes to economics.

SusanG at Kos said it best:  
"just because I stop charging on my credit card doesn't mean I'm suddenly making income to pay off the debt I've run up, does it?"

So the next time John McCain admits that he knows nothing about economics, better believe him.

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Do you doubt their motives too?

Recently somebody posted an "Open letter to Linfar," which could only be considered a letter in this digital age. However, whether or not the drivel should have been considered a letter or not is not the point of this diary.

The diarists decries Linfar's sense of honesty and belief that an Obama election is the best thing we can do at this point. They forget the fact that Linfar once supported Hillary. They forget the fact that as Democrats we should ALL want to avoid a McCain Presidency... they probably forget a few other things as well but I'll leave that be.

The central question in their diary is why does Linfar (and others) doubt the purity of their intentions.

The question in my diary is this: Who else, aside from Linfar and myself, doubt the purity of their intentions?

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McCain can't filibuster FISA...

thats right, he can't.... do you know why????

... think about it...

... keep thinking...

figure it out yet?

Its because he wouldn't want to. He supports Bush on crap like this, along with most other crap. He is Bush's third term. This can not be stressed enough.

Lets look at some other things McCain "can't" do

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Why we must Unite - the real danger

Now that we have a nominee in Barack Obama, it would seem that nothing can stop him from sweeping into the Oval office this fall. Curiously, however, some people seemed to be concerned that Obama can't win because he can't get white voters or can't keep the dissapointed Clinton supporters in his camp.
While some stories like this NPR story are fairly benign,
there are other stories documenting the growing number of Clinton for McCain supporters
and even a website boasting of 15,000 supporters and threatening the following

Our Plans

It is our mission to raise money, promote John McCain. We will set up a "527" to raise money, run TV and radio ads against Obama. The Democrat party has left us out in the cold, so we are going to build a fire that they cannot put out


Really? how did the "democrat" party leave anyone out in the cold? More on these McCan'ts...

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Vice Presidential Profiles: John Edwards

This is the sixth in our series of profiles of Barack Obama's most likely vice presidential candidates.  We will be profiling Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell later this evening.  Our previous profiles can be viewed here.

No introduction necessary.  John Edwards has had an overwhelming impact on this primary season, dragging the two top contenders left-ward on everything from health care to labor to poverty awareness.  Without his presence, Obama and Clinton would currently be offering very different platforms.  Given the magnitude of his influence on the primaries, and his continued popularity among party activists, many believe John Edwards would make an excellent addition to an Obama ticket.

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