Obama, Antichrist.

There's an ad thats either released and airing now or soon to air that compares Barack Obama to the Antichrist

As the ad begins, the words "It should be known that in 2008 the world shall be blessed. They will call him The One" flash across the screen. The Antichrist of the Left Behind books is a charismatic young political leader named Nicolae Carpathia who founds The One World religion (slogan: "We are God") and promises to heal the world after a time of deep division. One of several Obama clips in the ad features the senator saying, "A nation healed, a world repaired. We are the ones that we've been waiting for."

The visual images in the ad, which Davis says has been viewed even more than the McCain's "Celeb" ad linking Obama to the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, also seem to evoke the cover art of several Left Behind books. But they're not the cartoonish images of clouds parting and shining light upon Obama that might be expected in an ad spoofing him as a messiah. Instead, the screen displays a sinister orange light surrounded by darkness and later the faint image of a staircase leading up to heaven

Instead of going on, I was wondering what you thought of all of this. Ok. Actually I'm laughing so hard its getting hard to finish the post, so please finish this one for me...

 What's up with this one?!

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Fox Shut Out of Debate Schedule

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the moderators for the four presidential/vice presidential debates. Fix Network was not chosen.  This happened in the primaries and they complained. It has happened again. Maybe now they will begin to examine their fair and balanced slogan instead of complaining all the time.

Even ABC learned a lesson because of their "gotcha games debate". They were shut out too.

Here is the list of moderators:

Debate Moderators

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It's time for us to take over this campaign!

I just had it with the McCain Campaign and a non-responsiveness or counter-attack from the Obama side.  But I believe that the silence of the Obama camp created a void that must be filled, an opportunity that must be capitalized on.  

I have this idea and want to see how many people would like to join me on it.  If I have enough people willing to give $10 a week and also contribute ideas, I'll start "American Progressive Alliance" 527 that would be dedicated to producing and running "mean" attack ads against John McCain and other mean-spirited Republican candidates nationwide or in certain states or areas:

* The content of the attack ads would be derived from McCain's daily-gaff lists.
*We'll not accept any ad that is based on lies; all ads must be factual since I believe that McCain gaffe machine is capable of producing at least two gaffes daily.
*We'll start with the one that nails McCain for not knowing much about the economy and drag Phil Gramm's "nation of whiners" comments in the same 30 minutes ad that would run from time to time in most swing state until November.
*We'll encourage participation of the netroot community in creating as many ads as McCain gaffes.  One or two ads for every gaffe.  No gaffe would go unnoticed.  And reruns would be the order of the day.
*We'll not be interested in promoting Obama.  His campaign does a good job at that.  We just want to tear McCain down using his gaffes.

Finally, I want to tell us what we already knew - negative attacks works.  They work whether you like them or not.

I'm ready to register a 527 on Monday if I have your support.    

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Georgia in Play

Georgia is in play. With McCain leading Obama 43 to 44 percent of the vote, and a huge number of unregistered voters - Georgia
's large number of electoral college votes will become part of the electoral map this fall.

There are 55. Thats right, count them. 55 new offices being opened up in Georgia this month. A big ground operation is underway, GOTV will be in full swing in about three to six weeks.

The benchmark indicator events are currently the Race between Jim Martin and Vernon Jones, for Democratic primary run-off coming soon. Does anyone know, by the way, what date that vote is held? Do I have this information correct?

And of course, the Democratic Challenge to the US Senate Seat held by Saxby Chambliss.  Those numbers will determine how far the coat-tails of Obama are reaching - however, if Missippi is any indication - we are in play.

Any other states that come up as a surprise?

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A late term abortion

I want the babies to live

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