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Students can choose to vote in their school state or their home state.

The numbers are big enough to matter.  A lot.
For example, more than 62,000 students from Ohio are attending school in other states.  Iowa has 50,000 students from out-of-state is a new site that makes it easy to compare any two states and see how critical the presidential race is in each.

After comparing states they can get registered and sign up to vote absentee.

Many students don't realize that they have a choice, and many others aren't registered at all. Registration deadlines are coming fast (many are on Oct 6th).

This is a high leverage and very easy way to get more votes where they count most.  Please help more students become aware of their options by sending countmore to all your college age friends.

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Keep Fighting! We're On The Cusp of a Landslide.

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I believe this election is on the cusp of becoming a landslide for Obama, and I believe that's why the McCain campaign panicked and chose Palin at the last minute without vetting her.

We keep seeing diaries with the latest Gallup, Rasmussen, CBS, etc polling showing a tightening or expanding race. But one thing I have not seen anyone do yet is put this in historical perspective.

Once you do that, you see just how strong Obama is in this election cycle, and why the republicans are so dispirited and downtrodden.

This, more than any other election in my 31 years, is ours to lose. We MUST keep fighting, not only to win, but to utterly decimate the republican party nationwide.

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Zero Against McCain

Last night the people who brought us the biggest spending government in the history of the United States of America, had a fun time chanting "Zero, Zero, Zero!" - so this is my little observation about what you get, when you go up against Zero "O" Obama.

After all these people who claim to be "conservative" ,  really should be aware of some basic math. But given their record, I thought it best to do the math for us all.

What do you get, when you put "O" Against McCain.
Thats right. In November. You will get  "O"

0 x M = 0

What happens when you need to get back to your origin, back to your roots and start new. Yep. Thats right, folks. You go to "O".


When "O" gets into the base of things, when whatever you've got in your denominator gets closer to zero - What do you get? Infinity. Thats right, folks, if you put "O" in the White House, you'll get infinite return on your investment.

lim 1/x as x approaches "0" --->  infinity

But Sarah Palin was honestly the star of the night. Standing there, promising to give big Texas oil the rights to drill Alaska and pump oil all over the place.

What will drilling the ANWR do, to help stop our country's energy problem? Well. the ANWR doesn't have enough oil in it to run even a tenth of our demand. So, we'd be importing oil.
Instead of focussing on alternative sources (which she gave a quick little mention to.) In other words, their drilling plan would have

0  (pronounced "zero")

Effect on the problem we're facing as a country, that we're addicted to foreign oil.

I guess "Zero" could also mean, the number of democratic Florida congressmen chasing young boys around in congress in their underwear. I'm pretty sure they want zero tied to the Democratic party.

Where did zero come from?

The symbol, "Zero" began 1,400 years ago in what is now modern-day Iraq but then, babylon - as a placeholder to stand for empty columns.  The first symbol to represent an empty column, was "YY",  and somewhere around the 9th Century, in India, we see the first recorded use of the symbol "0" to represent that empty column.

FOUR HUNDRED YEARS AFTER THE REST OF THE WORLD , we began using the "0" and it accelerated our math systems to radical new horizons.

And why were we late in adopting "Zero". Because religious evangelicals were busy "educating" us, and refused to let go of their old system of Roman Numerals because we were "superior" to the Hindus and the Africans.

The early adopters of Zero had a huge advantage over the evangelics who just didn't get it. They just couldn't understand change. The "zero" became the hero.

So, thats the story of O vs. McCain.  I think. Did I miss anything?

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Palin's Daughter: Why Obama is Right

First, feel free to recommend this diary. Because what I am going to write is going to be an important defense of what Obama is trying to say today about Palin's daughter.

Second, lets be honest. We're number crunchers here at myDD. We love to read the tea leaves.  So be objective about what I'm going to write. I want you to tell me what you think about it.

Here's the situation. We know the VP pick of McCain, now has a pregnant 17 year old daugher. We also know that the mother and prospective vice president of the United States, is going to encourage that daughter to marry and have the child.

The issue is not whether or not a child, should have a child. A 17 year old is hardly a mature person. To marry, and give her life to motherhood at this early age is noble, and perhaps misinformed.

The issue is whether or not we will descend into the political gutter.

Obama made a clear call today to all of us, to simply say. Hey. Family is off limits.  And that holds alot of promise for us.
All of us.

A person who is trying to decide whether or not to go into corporate America, with deep six figure salaries, or to turn to public service - has a lot to decide. One of those factors should not be whether or not his family will be used as political cannon fodder.

Another important reason why Obama is right, has to do largely with the fact that Obama stands for making abortion scarce. Lets face it, this child - having this child - has made a choice
that will resonate throughout her entire life.  And whether or not you think the issue is roe v. wade, the fact is, that in this case, the Palins have taken a huge moral issue and dealt with it in a way that respects the life of the unborn child, and I am sure, the life of their child.  This young lady will have +support+ and +help+ to raise her child. Thats important. What mother would choose not to have her baby, if she knew she would be helped, and cared for? Nordic countries in europe with heavily socialized medicine, sport the lowest abortion rates in the entire world, for this specific reason.

If we can support Obama, and go hands-off on this little girl who is having her baby - then we'll all end up coming out ahead.  Sure, Palin's not qualified to be president, thats not the issue. The issue Obama is raising, at least to this author - is whether or not families are fair game. Obama doesn't want his family to be targets. He wants to face McCain square on, and not have a dog and pony show running.

And lets face it, who else loves a dog and pony show more than the evangelics?

So in the end, I am really interested in what you think. I know this is a kind of a first, in American politics, to have a GOP Female candidate and then almost immediately following a set of scandals that threaten to disrupt her candidacy.. I just want to know, if you feel that following Obama's lead, and just taking the fuze off this thing, is good for America.

Or should we hit them where they live? What do you think?

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About Obama's Speech Last Night..

I wanted to say , and I hope I am writing this to be more a topic of discussion, rather than confession - that Obama's speech really affected me on a personal level.

I have alot of personal issues, I'm a pretty bright person - I have a tendency to be sort of, well - I get caught up in occupational slumming. As a researcher, I tend to get tangled in problems I really shouldn't be working on. I do alot of "mcjobs" and sure, I get them done. But I have some important things I need to get done that usually get put off.

And I just looked at this guy from the midwest, standing up there accepting the nomination for president and I said to myself. Wow. You know. This guy is really talking about us, not himself. He wants us to do something.

It sort of hit me like, you know - ask not what your country can do for you - but what you can do for your country.

And I just said to myself. Ok. Hell. Lets get this whole thing done. And so here I am at work, occupational slumming on this blog.  And I'm going to get back to work here. :-}

And so I will leave it at that and get back to work. But I wanted to just ask, did that speech hit you where you live?

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